By: L.A. Casey

Back in our school days, Darcy was the nerdy, lanky, pretty boy. He had a baby face that was accompanied by a killer smile, but that was all he had going for him because Darcy had always been a prick, at least to me anyway. He has been a pain in my arse the last twenty years, and I honestly could never see a day where that would ever change.

I blinked my eyes when Darcy's voice knocked me out of my trance, and got my attention.

"It means you have a stick up your arse about waiting a few minutes for something."

Oh, hell no.

"That's not bloody true and you know it, Darcy!" I snapped then flung my long brown hair over my shoulder and said, "And for your information, I don't have anything up me arse."

Darcy smiled, but it was an evil smile at best. I imagined Satan had a similar, if not identical, smile to Darcy's.

"You are aware that you're inviting me to insinuate something else is up your arse, aren't you?"

I growled. "You know I'm not inviting you to say anything like that, you dirty bastard. Me arse is not the topic of discussion here."

"Awe, why not? You know I love to talk about your perfectly crafted arse, Neala."

I hated him.

"You disgust me."

Darcy winked. "Likewise, sweetheart."

A shiver ran up my spine causing prickling tingles to spread throughout my body. I forced myself to believe it was because I was disgusted by his choice of words, not because I liked it.

I gave Darcy a dirty look then turned my attention from him to the young worker, only to find him nowhere in sight. I looked up and down the aisle, but he was gone. He vanished into thin air.

I angrily snapped my head in Darcy's direction and hissed, "Look what you did!"

I turned and stomped down the aisle trying to put as much distance as possible between Darcy and myself. Darcy apparently didn't feel the same way because he quickly caught up with me until we were walking side by side.

"How is this my fault?" Darcy asked me, angrily.

"Are you thick?” I hissed. “You scared him off with all your vulgar talk about-"

"Your arse? Yeah, you have a point. Your arse would scare any red-blooded male away. The lad was apparently no exception."


"Listen to me, you twat, I'll have you know no male has ever referred to me arse as scary."

Darcy gleefully laughed. "Maybe not to your face."

I was going to kill him.

"I swear to God I will-"

"You'll what?" Darcy asked as he jumped in front of me halting my movements.

"Kill you!" I growled and shoved at his chest with my hands, which he found hilarious.

"Your hands are so tiny," he cooed in a voice one would use when speaking to an infant.

I wanted to punch him in his smug face.

"They are not!" I hissed.

Okay, my hands were a bit on the small side, but I wouldn't have Darcy Hart saying they were small. It was beyond childish, I knew that, but I just didn't care. He wasn't allowed to say my hands were small, and that was that.

Darcy chortled. "You'd disagree with me no matter what I say."

"No, I wouldn't."

Darcy laughed at my proving him right while I seethed in anger.

"You hate me, don't you, sweetheart?"

"You bet your arse I do," I snarled.

Darcy joyfully inhaled and exhaled. "Good, I'm doing something right."

With that said he turned away and pranced, yes pranced, down the aisle.

"Bloody gobshite," I muttered.

I was about to turn and exit the shop to get away from the black hole of evil that was Darcy Hart when I noticed the outline of the lad worker from before walking towards Darcy with a box in his hand and a smile on his face. It got my undivided attention. Darcy's frame straightened up as he extended his arms towards the lad as he prepared to take the box from his hands.

I squinted my eyes to get a better look at the box, and when the red blazing hair of the doll I wanted came into focus, I broke out into a sudden sprint. I pushed my legs to move as fast as they could and like a machine I zoomed down the aisle. Seconds later I collided with Darcy's back and took him to the ground just before he could take the box from the worker's hands.

That was my goddamn doll, and I was not letting Darcy Hart take it away from me.

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