Fuck Buddy(10)

By: Scott Hildreth

The intensity of the orgasm was unlike anything I had ever experienced. I pulled my hips away from his face and peered down at him, only to see him gazing up, his face covered with my wetness.

Slowly, he stood.

Our lips met. I closed my eyes and allowed myself to become lost in the moment. His tongue danced with mine magically, and along with it came the taste of my orgasm. As we kissed he pulled me firmly against him. With my head spinning and my mind trying to make sense of the situation I had so quickly agreed to become a part of, I kissed him eagerly in return, savoring each and every movement of his lips and tongue. He dragged his nails along my back as he pressed his palms deep against my muscles, his hands coming to a stop at my waist. As I ground my hips against his, I felt his rigid shaft against my leg.

I pulled my mouth from his and slowly shifted my eyes from his broad chest along his chiseled abdomen and eventually to his waist.

Without speaking, he reached down, untied his shorts, and pushed them to the floor.

A pronounced “V” shape in his lower stomach muscles commanded my focus to fall further, following the “V” to the area it so clearly pointed to. I stared, all but paralyzed by the sight of what was the most beautiful cock I had ever seen. As my mind drifted to thoughts of being filled with something so perfectly shaped, I couldn’t help but wonder if the girth of his third leg would tear me apart.

An unwanted sigh escaped my lungs. With my focus fixed on his thickness, I reached for the bottom of my shirt. I pulled it over my head and reached behind my back. As I awkwardly fumbled with the clasp of my bra, he began to slowly stroke his shaft with his right hand.

With my eyes glued to his insanely large and ever-so-stiff dick, I dropped my bra to the floor. His hand continued to slowly work its way up and down the shaft, all but commanding me to remain focused on the swollen member I had spent so many years fantasizing about. I pushed my panties to the floor.

His free hand gripping my neck startled me. He leaned closer, pressing his bare chest to mine. As we stood with our eyes locked, he slowly rubbed the tip of his swollen cock along my pussy lips.

He stared at me blankly as he pressed the head of his dick against my wet pussy, tapping my clit at the end of each stroke. My heart raced as he tightened his grip on my neck. I had never been choked before, and although I felt some guilt for feeling the way I did, there was something about him doing it that was driving me fucking insane. He studied my eyes through thinning slits, his mouth twisting into a slight smirk with each stroke of his swollen flesh against my wetness.

He released my neck.

I gasped.

“Are you ready?” he asked.

I pursed my lips, swallowed heavily, and nodded.

“I asked you a question, Liv.” He cleared his throat. “Are. You. Ready?”

Without thinking, I reached for my neck and rubbed where his hand had been. What felt like small electric shocks tingled deep within my pussy. He stood before me, stroking his cock as he waited for an answer. Luke. My best friend. My best friend with added benefits.

What the fuck did I get myself into?

I wasn’t ready.

I released my neck and lowered my hand. “Yes.”

I had no idea of what he was going to do, but I knew I wanted him to do something. I had a crush on Luke since we were young, and had spent many hours fantasizing about being with him sexually. Having him stand before me naked had me more excited than I ever would have imagined. As I stood there in the heightened state of sexual bliss, deep in my mind a small bit of fear lingered.

Fear of the unknown.

“Close your eyes,” he said flatly.

As much as I didn’t want to, I did as he asked. The room fell dark. I stood in the silence filled with wonder, excited, and aroused more than I had ever been in my life.

I felt his arm around my thighs. His other arm pressed against my upper back. His warm breath against my ear.

“I’m going to pick you up,” he whispered into my ear.

I pressed my tongue against the roof of my mouth and attempted to swallow. “Okay,” escaped my dry lips as a shaky insincere response.

In an instant, I was upside down, dangling over the floor head-first. His hands gripped my waist firmly and lifted me into a position where my legs dangled over his shoulders and my bare torso was against his. I pressed my hands into his thighs and opened my eyes. His stiff cock twitched in front of my face.

He buried his tongue deep into my pussy, and I arched my back, breathing a moan of pleasure into the room. After a few seconds, I relaxed and I wrapped my lips around his twitching shaft. Slowly, I began to work my mouth along the length of his cock. Thrilled to have Luke’s stiff dick in my mouth, but even more excited at his ability to lick pussy, I tried my best to focus on what I was doing, not what he was doing. A short moment later, and another intense orgasm shook my body to the core.

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