Goddess of Unity

By: Dixie Lynn Dwyer

The Men of Five-O #8


Kamea smiled, eyes closed, as she gripped the railing of the balcony of her estate. The sound of the ocean in the distance added to the peacefulness and love that now flowed into her heart. Batya and her mates were safe. Derry survived the injection of poison, and another battle was won.

Before the hands even touched her shoulders from behind, she sensed Edric’s approach.

“Is everything okay now?” he asked, caressing her shoulders and then pressing his chest against her back. The white satin of her negligee danced in the gentle, tropical breeze. Her nipples hardened, and her pussy clenched with desire.

“Yes, my love. Our family is safe. For now, at least.” She felt the tense sting of fear grip her inside. Edric pressed his mouth against her neck as his hold around her waist tightened.

“Do not be fearful, love. I saw your thoughts and the outcome of your sister goddesses. The love and bond of true mates is stronger than any scientific experiment.”

She smiled as she tilted her neck to the side so he could kiss more of her skin and bring her further pleasure.

“I will not rest until this is over, and until everyone is safe from this evil power.”

“I understand, and it is our hope, too, Kamea. How about the circle, the Security Ring? Will it help in protecting the circle of elders if you choose the final two members of the Security Ring?”

She turned in Edric’s arms and ran her hands up and down his chest. “The final two members will have an important role, as they will also lead the Security Ring.”

He squinted his eyes at her, and she knew she had surprised him in acknowledging that she knew who the last two members, the royal leaders, would be.

“You didn’t mention this earlier. Why?” he asked.

“Yes, why wouldn’t you share their identities with your mates?” Gideon asked, as he joined them on the balcony, along with Julius.

She took a deep breath and released it. Gideon crossed his arms in front of his massive chest and held her gaze. He was a very dominant Alpha male, in every aspect of the words. He was large, muscular, and authoritative in his tone of voice, facial expressions, and presence. Julius was a force of his own, and one glance at his stern expression and she knew he was displeased with her holding back information. She felt the others, although they were inside handling the phone calls just coming in on the latest report. All of her mates were leaders, warriors, and Alpha males used to being in charge.

“They are inside, working out new security for the goddesses and their mates as well as the other royal families. Apparently you already knew this as you received an update on Batya and her mates,” Gideon told her.

She reached out to Gideon and touched his cheek with her palm. She felt the firmness, the hard muscles against her hand.

“As you know, mate, I cannot share every detail that the goddesses reveal to me. In due time, you all will know the outcome of these events we have faced. You know that this situation is not over.” She moved her hands away from both men and looked to the side of them. She sensed their disappointment and their concerns.

“I know who the two leaders will be. However, their position is contingent on the decisions they make in the near future. If they choose the wrong path, they will not only be replaced by two others, but they will lose their current positions and standing amongst the Were people. This is a crucial time for all Were packs across the world. From Ireland to Italy, from Canada to the United States, the decisions that leaders make during this crucial time could mean either the unification of the Were packs or their destruction.”

“Across the world? What can we do to help?” Gideon asked.

She smiled at him, knowing that his love for his packs, their packs and the Were population was so very important.

“You are doing exactly what is needed to be done. All we can do now is sit and wait for the last goddess to be revealed.”

“And when that happens, shouldn’t there be warriors there to protect her?” Julius asked.

She smiled. “If the right choices are made, then she will have the best security she could ever ask for.”

“And what security team would that be, Goddess?” Edric asked as he held her a little more snugly around the waist. He looked at her as if he knew that she already had a good idea of who the security would be.

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