Good Enough to Trust(10)

By: Zara Stoneley

“You ready?” Then the damp tip of his cock was nudging against me, he pushed as Will tightened his fingers on my hips, strong thighs pushed my own wider apart, there was a searing, a sharpness and then he was in and the animal moan I heard just had to be me.

It wasn’t what I expected, it was a push and thrust between two hard bodies, a fullness that felt like their two cocks were rubbing against each other with nothing in between.

Stevie thrust, pushing me down against Will’s hard body so that my throbbing clit felt like it would burst and my nipples peaked and pebbled. He pulled back and Will pushed me back down his body, thrust his own cock deeper into me hitting spots inside I didn’t know I had. My clit was trembling, and I was coming around the base of Will’s cock, but deep inside a different kind of orgasm was building, an aching, pulsing that was right at the base of my stomach and every bit of me was trembling and shaking. Stevie had wrapped my hair round his hand, gently pulled my head back, his mouth hot against my neck, and as I arched my back wanting more, Will’s mouth took my boob. He sucked hard, sucked until shards of need shot straight from my nipple down to my clutching wet pussy and as he did his hand slipped between our bodies and the heat of his fingers fluttered against my swollen nub.

I think I was moaning, and panting and begging, but I can’t be sure.

“You want all of me?”

I thought I had all of him, but it seemed Stevie had been holding back.

“More.” It was all I could say, more intelligent language escaped me. Will pinched my clit between finger and thumb and something inside me burst, and as it did Stevie thrust all the way, all the way until I saw stars and felt Will harden and grow inside me even more if that was possible.

“Fuck.” It was Stevie’s yell, his hands gripping my hips as he pulled out and then buried himself again inside my burning body, and it was Will who grunted, who pulled me down, whose mouth took mine and whose strangled groan flooded my body from the inside as he took over the thrusting, pushing his hips high and as the heat of his come shot deep inside me and he gave a deep growl of satisfaction I came again, rocking my hips to milk what I could of the sensation.


The smell of coffee dragged me out of my dream about cows and hills and magical farmers with huge cocks. Oh, God, Freud would have a field day with me.

I pushed my hair back off my face and opened my eyes just the teensiest of bits and hoped I didn’t look as bedraggled as I felt.

Will stood there, mug of steaming liquid in his hand and a broad grin on his face that said I probably looked as shagged out as I felt.

“Morning, dozy. Will this do for breakfast?” He raised the mug of coffee. “I could do you a fry up, but no croissants or anything posh like that I’m afraid.”

Last thing I remembered was nodding off in front of a blazing fire, with my head on his broad naked chest, the sound of his heart thudding gently in my ear. I glanced round the room to try and get my bearings; I wasn’t good at mornings at the best of times. It took at least two large mugs of strong coffee before me and the day were on speaking terms.

The place was neat, sparse and conventional. Very masculine, in a real man kind of way. A big solid bed, well it would be for him wouldn’t it? Plain curtains. And a view. Hills. The mist had finally decided to have a day off.

“Coffee’s great, thanks.” I shuffled a bit, suddenly aware of the tenderness between my legs. Which reminded me of that big cock, or should that be cocks plural? My gaze drifted down to the bulge in his jeans. I hadn’t imagined it. He was big. When I looked back up there was a hint of laughter in his brown eyes. I tried to ignore the warm glow that seemed to building in my pussy.

“You look very shaggable, you know.” He said it conversationally, no pressure, and handed me the mug of coffee.

“I feel very shagged.” I felt a bit like I’d been run over by something large, which I suppose I had, but it was the type of bulldozing I wouldn’t mind experiencing again. “Erm, where’s your...”

He grinned. “Stevie left a couple of hours ago. You want an intro to my other brother too?” He looked pointedly straight at my mouth and I fought the urge to lick my lips.

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