Good Enough to Trust(7)

By: Zara Stoneley

The thing was it was all a bit silly, from the outside, and even from the inside actually. Maybe I was taking this whole thing too far, but I just felt deep down I had to do everything, retrace every single step, and then maybe I’d understand. Maybe I could move on and have the answers, even if they weren’t the ones I really wanted or fully accepted. Which meant going back was something I had to do on my own.

“I could give you a guided tour of the cottage I’m renting instead?”

His warm finger was still resting on the back of my hand and for some strange reason I’d forgotten all about my beer, and what I was here for.

“Sounds like an idea.”

We stared at each other, minus the silly grins, and my stomach emptied of everything except anticipation.

It was a good job the lock was simple, because my hand had a tremor that made handling keys close to impossible. Will laughed in my ear, the warmth of his body against my back, and I shoved the door open impatiently and reached up to switch the lights on. There was an angry pop. A very angry pop. Then nothing.

“Hell.” Lights were supposed to come on when you flicked the switch, well they did in Sophie’s world, but not it seemed in Halgabron. I flicked the switch another couple of times, like you do, just to be sure.

“Who needs light anyway?” A warm mouth settled against my neck.

Well yeah, I didn’t need lights, even if this valley was so damned dark the cottage was in dusk when the rest of the country was still in daylight. But if I’d thought it was cold and damp outside, it was ten times worse inside. A pair of warm hands had settled on my stomach, one reaching down between my thighs and I sighed and leaned back. Right against his unmistakable cock. Hard and ready, and I’d say enormous from the way it felt as it nudged between my buttocks.

But even though my pussy was already clenching at the thought of having him inside me, I must have tensed, or something. He blew a raspberry against my neck.

“Come back to my place, I’ll get someone to come and fix the lights and get the log burning stove going for you in the morning.”

I tensed a bit more, and I’m not sure if it was because I wanted to, or because I didn’t.

“I promise I’ll behave.”

And I believed him. But did I want him to?

“Give me two minutes to grab some dry clothes and I’m all yours.”

And he raised an eyebrow which left me feeling pretty sure that behaving was right at the bottom of the list of things I wanted him to do.

Chapter Two

Maybe it was because his hands were so strong, or maybe he just had a bit of the Cornish magic about him, but either way I didn’t want him to stop. I gave an involuntary moan.



He ran his thumb along my instep again with a strong steady stroke that said feet aren’t just for walking on and I whooshed straight up to the clouds.

“Is this what you meant by behaving?” My voice had a distinct wobble in it that matched the little trembles heading straight up my inner thigh.

“I could stop?” He was leaning back, relaxed, even his voice had a lulling edge to it.

“Don’t you dare.”

He gave a throaty laugh with a sexy edge to it and I wriggled my feet in his lap, a little bit closer to his crotch. Just to get comfortable of course, not to check out the growing bulge in his pants.

His thumb circled over my instep, firm enough to send darts of fire straight to my already damp knickers and I hoped the ‘ooo’ hadn’t been as loud in his ears as it had in mine. Warm fingers danced over my calf in spirals that were driving me crazy, and I really didn’t know how much more of this I could stand. The heat hit my inner thighs and I knew damned well why men preferred women in skirts— and I had a feeling I was about to be converted, even though when I’d packed my skirt into my rucksack I hadn’t been able to think of a single good reason why.

It was tempting, oh so tempting to clamp my thighs together around his strong hand and rock myself to an early orgasm, but instead I bit the inside of my cheek and let him tease me some more. Then the tips of his fingers found the sopping lace of my knickers just as my toes found his rock hard erection and we both knew that the time for playing was over.

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