Good Enough to Trust(8)

By: Zara Stoneley

I reached up and ripped my panties down at exactly the same time as he unzipped his flies and let his cock pop out. And boy did it pop. Reporting for duty could never have been more at attention.

He was hard and rough like I expected, and yet strangely gentle as though he thought I might break, and maybe he was right. And he was enormous, his cock the broadest, sturdiest I’d ever been lucky enough to wrap my fingers around. Which sent a new rush of juices between my thighs.

His fingers probed a little deeper into my cunt, curling and twisting as his thumb pressed hard against my swollen clit. He was good at foot massage but it was nothing compared to his skills at pussy petting. I lifted my hips and he pushed in a third finger then started to slide them in and out with a steady jabbing that seemed to go deeper every time.

“Fuck.” I moaned and rubbed my instep frantically against his burning cock and he added a twist to each thrust. And it could have been his knuckles nudging against my G-spot, or just the changing pressure against every other spot but I clenched my thighs together, gripped my pussy round him, holding him there tight as I rocked my hips and let the gentle ripple turn into a pulsing orgasm that left my thighs coated in my juices.

He waited until the tension had started to drift away and then edged my legs apart again with his free hand, slowly slipped his other one free, and I was still throbbing inside as he did it, still aching as he licked his way up to my swollen clit with a tongue that was gentle and long, he really was the human version of his bullocks.

The gentle lap turned into a probing and a nibbling of my pussy lips as his fingers dug into my bum, holding me firm. There was a rustling and I somehow found the energy to open my eyes and look at him.

“Can’t wait any longer.”

He was rolling on a condom with the type of care I’d never seen before, maybe he’d split a lot with a cock that size, and I was still wondering and worrying when he nudged against my damp pussy.

There’s something about that studied concentration on a man’s face as he tries not to rush, tries not to thrust too hard that first time and it’s a turn on. And Will had it in bucket loads, he was gritting his teeth, his arms either side of me supporting him with the faintest tremble and I couldn’t help myself, I wriggled down against him, rubbing myself against him, edging myself onto the tip of his cock, and he let me. Let me wrap my legs around him and edge him in like it was some weird inverted me-on-the-bottom-but-acting-like I-was-on-top position. For a brief scary moment I thought it was going to all go wrong, then he slipped in past my tension and my pussy convulsed around him in a way that made me freeze. He let me cling on, held still until he could see I was starting to relax and then he took over.

It wasn’t earth shattering, take me to another planet sex. It was careful, measured like a farmer sex. And it was nice, very nice. I closed my eyes and let him fill me, stretch me, let the ache that had started to build again spread through my body. Let him shift us around until I was on top of him and his firm hands held me steady by the hips.

“Sorry, didn’t realise you had company.”

And I didn’t realise I had muscles that could grip that hard either, or hands which could move to cover my breasts so quick. Shit, it might have been a lazy drawl but if Will hadn’t been firmly holding me I’d have shot straight off him and the sofa and probably into the fire. I half turned my head and he stood there, a younger, slimmer version of my new farmer friend, lounging in the doorway with a quirk to his full mouth and a bulge in his trousers that said he’d been watching. Which made my act of clutching my breasts look a bit lame.

I half expected Will to let me go, but he didn’t, his cock just twitched inside me and I did my best not to wriggle back in response.

“Room for another one?”

I’m pretty sure my mouth had been open since I’d spotted him, so I shut it and then it was my eyes that opened wider.

Another one? What? Then I think I went the kind of red that only looks good on a beetroot.

Will chuckled, his grip shifting from my hips until he had his hands gripped firmly over my buttocks. He squeezed gently and my pussy pulsed in response, then he gently pulled his hands apart until the cool air snaked between my arse cheeks, I bit back the moan, but when his thumb skated over my anus I swear I whimpered. I was still staring at the man in the doorway, mesmerised as his hand rubbed over his cock in time with the rub of Will’s thumb on my arse.

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