Good Enough to Trust(9)

By: Zara Stoneley

“My brother likes to help.” His voice was tight as his touch on my arsehole got firmer, firmer until I could feel my arse clenching, waiting expectantly for him to push his way in, and I gave up on the attempt at boob covering and leaned forward, pushing down against his hard body so I could feel the throb of my clit trapped between us.

“What do you think?” He was kneading one buttock, pressing against my tight ring of muscle with one broad finger and his hard cock was deep inside me, his pubic bone grinding against my clit, and he expected me to think?

“Room for Stevie as well in there? Your call, babe.”

The babe kind of registered, because no-one called me babe. Ever. But then the tip of his finger sank inside me, just as he reached up and the warmth of his mouth found my nipple, and who was I to object to the odd babe between friends? I was panting, and biting my lip, but I must have nodded or something because Stevie had stripped off his T-shirt and his warm hands were on my thighs edging them even further apart with a feather light touch that was more assertive than any tight grip had ever been.

“You ever had two men?” His soft voice drifted over me as Will’s hands shifted back to buttocks and I gazed straight into his dark eyes. I thought he’d been turned on before, but his face now was pure lust.

“No.” I tried to clear my throat, but it didn’t seem to be working too well.

“Bet you’ve thought about it though.”

Oh, I’d thought about it, thought about having two strong men take me, but I’d never in a million years have expected it to happen, and not in a zillion years to be here in the middle of the countryside with two men I hardly knew, but two men who I instinctively seemed to know wouldn’t harm a hair on my head.

Though as far as the rest of my body went I wasn’t quite sure.

But all of a sudden I knew I wanted them, both of them.


And I don’t know if it was because I didn’t want to get too involved with Will, or whether it was because I knew there was only so much steady, safe sex I could take before I got bored. Because that was what Will was, he was steady, safe, gentle, caring and ever so slightly boring. Maybe if I’d really been tuned in to him it would have been different, but this was more affection and a shag. Maybe if you love someone you can do ‘same’ whether it’s good or bad, because there’s so much more to it than that.

My stomach tightened with anticipation at exactly the same time Stevie’s warm tongue trickled its way down my spine.

I moaned and shifted back, my clit grinding against Will’s body, wanting the pressure of his hand back between my arse cheeks and Stevie chuckled. Then dropped a cold gloop of what had to be lube straight on the place that was pining attention. I gasped and Wills fingers tightened on my buttocks, spreading them even wider.

“Shit, I wish I could see your sexy arse right now.”

“Oooo.” It was a strangled kind of oo and an ahh as Stevie’s finger glided over the lube, around my arsehole and then pushed gently, persistently against the ring of muscle that Will had been playing with, until he was in. I came. I couldn’t help it. My desperate pussy clutched at Will’s big cock and he grunted, shifting his hands to my hips as Stevie pushed one finger deeper into me.

“Fuck, we need more space.” He half-rolled, half lifted and shifted on to the floor, never loosening his grip on me, his cock nestled just as deep and Stevie moved from the side in to behind me, his legs between mine and Wills, edging my thighs ever wider apart as he pushed a second finger into my arse and scissored and twisted until I could feel myself opening up.

I slid against Will as he did it, wanting more sensation, greedy to build up the ache in my body again and both men laughed. But Will’s face was set and I knew he was fighting it, fighting the need to explode inside me.

“You’re a greedy girl.” His voice was sandpaper rough. He pulled me down tighter against him, so that my tight tender nipples rubbed against the harsh hair on his chest.

“I like greedy girls.” Stevie’s voice was close to my ear, his breath warm as his mouth trailed a second damp course down my spine, and I could hear him unzipping, his movement in my arse faltering for just a moment before he slipped his fingers free and a fresh cold blob of lube replaced the burning heat.

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