Hearts on Fire 8: Saving C.C.(8)

By: Dixie Lynn Dwyer

“I heard about that multiple car accident and fire. Everyone got out safely though? No major injuries?” Burt contributed as he placed the drinks onto C.C.’s tray.

“Thank goodness. It was a miracle no one was killed or badly burned. But what a mess,” Mercury said.

“Were they from around here?” she asked them.

“Yes, one of the families lived a few doors down from our house on Pyngyp,” Kyle told her.

“Oh God, there were children in the car?” she asked, all upset.

“They’re fine, just shaken up. The mom was a bit shaken up, too. Her husband just left for another tour with the Marines. She’d been a nervous wreck,” Mercury said to her.

“That’s scary. I’m glad that they’re okay,” she said, and Burt placed the last few drinks down on her tray.

“There you go.”

She smiled. “Thank you.” She walked away.

Burt couldn’t help but notice Mercury and Kyle watching her. He cleared his throat, and both men looked at him. Kyle chuckled.

“She’s really sweet.” He took a sip from his beer bottle.

“She’s freaking hot. You were in a dead stare at her,” Mercury teased.

“Well, she’s beautiful. People like to look at beautiful things, okay?” Kyle replied.

Burt chuckled. “She is very attractive and sweet too but quiet.” He looked toward the direction C.C. had gone in.

“You sound concerned, Burt,” Mercury said to him.

Burt looked at Mercury. He knew their parents and, of course, their brothers for a long time.

“That and I guess curious. She’s very polite, shy, and she rides a bike or takes a bus to get here.”

“Really? Does she live far?” Kyle asked.

“Her address on the forms for her paycheck have her living in an apartment over the bridge.”

“Shit, I wish we could have fixed her car for her, but that thing was on its last leg. She’s lucky she broke down around here and not on the highway somewhere,” Kyle added.

“You worked on her car?” Burt asked.

Burt was surprised to hear the story about her car breaking down and her pushing it until Kyle and Frank came out to help her. As Kyle explained the story and about sending her to The Station for lunch, Burt got even more intrigued.

“So I basically owe you a thank you for sending her my way. She showed up just when we heard that Debbi wasn’t coming back. It was a mess, and we’d gone through five other waitresses that couldn’t keep up or were clumsy as damn hell.”

“I’m glad I did send her this way. I wonder why she hasn’t picked up another car. We have a few at the shop that aren’t too expensive,” Kyle said.

“She decided to stay in town, Kyle. Probably like most people who find their way to Treasure Town, she fell in love with it,” Mercury added.

“Maybe so.” Kyle looked for her again.

Burt had a feeling in his gut, and instantly a smile formed on his face. He wondered if the St. James men would wind up with C.C. They were hard men. They didn’t date, at least as far as he knew, and they had difficult lives, especially Kyle and Frank. But the way they kept their eyes on C.C. made him think it was a possibility. Maybe he could give a little push.

“You still looking to rent that little house by your place on Pyngyp?” Burt asked him.

“Yeah, why, you know someone?” Kyle asked.

“I caught C.C. looking at some of the posted apartment for rent signs on the bulletin board in the hallway. Plus, she looks at the paper too when it’s slow here. Maybe she wants out of the place she lives in now?”

“Well, let her know about the house,” Kyle said. “We’d take a little less just to be sure and rent it. It’s in great condition and has been vacant for a while, plus we’re right next door so, if there’s anything needed fixing, we’re there in a flash.”

“I like the sound of that. C.C. maybe living right next door?” Mercury added then took a slug from his beer can.

Burt smiled. “I’ll run it by her later.” Burt then helped another customer with some drink orders.

* * * *

“I didn’t realize that you and Frank had met her before and worked on her car or about sending here this way. How did that happen, and why hadn’t you mentioned it before?” Mercury asked Kyle.

“I don’t know. I guess I didn’t think it was a big deal.”

“Bullshit it isn’t. You met her before. You’re always watching her, and when you mention to Frank that you’ve seen C.C., he gets all funny.”

Kyle squinted and then shook his head. “It’s nothing. It doesn’t matter. She doesn’t talk to anyone longer than to be social.”

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