Her Stepbrother, Her Hero(3)

By: Terry Towers

"He helped rescue –" Gabriella mimicked her mother and immediately felt petty for it.

He had been the star in high school: quarterback of the football team, and the reason most girls in school had been her friends. In retrospect, she always knew their friendliness was not genuine, they were being nice to her so they could come to her house, hoping that they would get the opportunity to talk to him. To make matters worse, after the incident prom night her crush on him had gotten stronger, which had made his leaving so abruptly even harder to handle. After all, he was one of the hottest guys in school, what girl wouldn’t have a crush on him? But she knew there was more to Anthony than just charm and good looks – a lot more. She had fallen for him hard and fast, and had endured years of watching him date bimbos with big boobs and double-digit IQs. Gabriella had managed to camouflage her desire for him with hostility – until that night.

And now, on his first day back home after five years – for some insane reason he kept refusing to come home and barely spoke to her on the phone when he called and she was home, parents yes, her no – she was going to have to be the one to feed and entertain him for the evening since their parents were still away on vacation and she was housesitting. "Maybe he'll show me all of the medals he was given, that'll eat up a few hours," she grumbled to herself.

Slipping on a pair of oven mitts, she opened up the oven, pulled out a cooked to perfection turkey and set it on the countertop. As she turned off the oven she glanced up at the analog clock on the wall, featuring a rooster on the face. Three minutes after seven. A grin touched her lips as she took satisfaction in knowing that her perfect stepbrother was now officially late for supper.

Ha! I thought military men were supposed to be prompt!

The thought of him being late had just crossed her mind when the doorbell rang. Fuck! Pulling her oven mitts off and tossing them onto the counter by the turkey, she rushed to answer the front door, hesitating a moment to peer at herself in the foyer mirror. Sapphire blue eyes stared back as she inspected herself and fluffed up her long blonde hair.

She was wearing a simple blue sundress that matched her eyes, hugged her ample breasts and dipped low, giving a nice view of her cleavage. The flowing skirt fell to mid-thigh and as usual she was barefoot. Although she didn't want to admit it, she wanted to impress him; to have him lust after her again. Deep down the crush she'd harboured for him never died, despite how over the years they’d both claimed to dislike each other.

Taking a deep breath she grabbed the doorknob, turned it and flung the door open to reveal Anthony wearing his dress blues with a duffle bag at his side. Her eyes widened as she peered upon him. He looked mouth-watering and her body immediately reacted to him. He'd always been broad-shouldered, but now he was built like a tank. His massive stature seemed to eclipse her tiny 5'2 body. He'd become one of the best-looking men she'd ever laid eyes upon. He had always been a good-looking guy and perhaps some of his now rugged good looks could be attributed to his uniform and the sexy, alpha-male demeanour he had gained.

In that moment, she found herself completely smitten by him, unable to utter a single word. Does Anthony even know he's that hot? Pfft, of course he does. His steel grey eyes did a slow survey of her body, causing an unwelcomed stirring between her legs. When his eyes caught her bare feet with ruby-painted toenails he flashed her a dimpled grin. My God, even his smile is gorgeous! She growled at herself for allowing the thought to pop into her mind. He was still her pain in the ass older stepbrother, and she had to remind herself of that, nothing more than that. He’d made that perfectly clear he wasn’t interested when he left for the Marines without discussing what happened between them, or what had been close to happening.

"So are you going to invite me in?" he finally asked, cocking a brow up at her and motioning toward the inside of their parents' house.

Wiping away the look of awe that she was sure was on her face, she replaced it with one of indifference and stepped aside, motioning for him to enter. "Suit yourself. Dinner is ready."

Grabbing his bag he made his way into the house. "You actually learned how to cook!" He feigned shock as he removed his cap and grinned down at her.

She gave him a condescending smirk and brushed past him, heading toward the kitchen. "Yes, and it's getting cold ’cause someone was late," she called over her shoulder at him. Feeling his eyes on her, she made a conscious effort to put a little extra sway in her hips for his benefit.

"It was only five minutes!" he called out in an arrogant voice.


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