Her Stepbrother, Her Hero(4)

By: Terry Towers

She grinned as she heard him mutter a curse under his breath. "I'm gonna go change, this uniform is fucking hot. I’ll be right back. Plate it up for me."


As Anthony stripped out his uniform and quickly into a pair of jeans and t-shirt his mind couldn't keep off of how much Gabriella had changed over the years. She had always been a cute girl – in a dorky sort of way. Perhaps that was why he’d crushed on her despite her being his stepsister, hell, maybe even because of it. However, she seemed to have really filled out in all the right places over the years. Just the sight of her barefoot and her gorgeous body in the little sundress had given him an instant erection. Of course, it had been five years since he'd had sex with anyone besides himself so perhaps that was part of the reason. Sure, there had been opportunities from time to time, but none he was all that interested in pursuing.

And what was with that sexy little sway in her hips as she walked away from him? Was it for his benefit? Oh, he hoped so, but knew better. He'd been a major asshole to her when they were teenagers, playing pranks, picking fights with her and overall just a huge pain in her ass. And the way they’d parted ways, him telling her to get out of his room and not talking to her again, yeah, he was positive that hadn’t gone over well. Part of the hostility was due to the fact he resented his father for remarrying so quickly after his mother’s death. He hated the fact that his father was forcing another family into his life, and even worse he'd found himself attracted to Gabriella from the day she and her mother moved into the house.

Of course, with him being a horny teenage boy, his father made it clear that she was strictly off limits to him. Since he couldn’t be with her the next best thing was to make her life miserable and ensure that no other guy came sniffing around her. As far as he had been concerned back then, if he couldn't have her, no other guy could. Even now, when their parents told him last week that she'd broken up with her boyfriend, he'd taken satisfaction in the knowledge. No man would be good enough for her in his eyes. Except him.

He cringed. No doubt she still hated him. At least he assumed so anyhow. Their conversations whenever he'd call were short and strained. And the greeting she'd given him at the door was about as cold as they came. Yup, some things never change.

After he finished changing, he trotted back down the stairs to the delicious aroma of a home-cooked meal. God, he'd missed that. His stomach grumbled as he hit the bottom stair and made his way into the kitchen. He stopped at the entryway of the kitchen and reclined against the wall, his arms crossed over his chest as he watched her a moment.

Gabriella was busy plating the food, humming softly as she went about her business. A smile touched his lips just from watching her. He shouldn’t have stayed away so long. In retrospect, he knew he’d overdone it staying away, but he had his reasons.

Considering the fact that he may be around her for a while he decided it was about time they finally buried the hatchet. If that meant apologizing for all his dirty little deeds to her and discussing what happened prom night, then so be it. They were both adults now and there was no reason why they couldn't have a fresh start.

"Is there anything I can do to help?" Anthony asked as he walked up behind her, just as she was turning with a white porcelain gravy boat in hand. Startled by him she yelped, jumping back and in the process spilling a good portion of the gravy down the front of her dress.

Eyes narrowed, she glared up at him with the open hostility that he remembered from their teenaged years. Anthony had to fight to keep a chuckle from escaping, due to her heated expression, as he reached behind her and unrolled a handful of paper towel. "I'm really sorry, Gabby."

He was... sort of. Her expression of restrained anger was so amusing it was almost worth it. He immediately remembered another reason why he used to tease her so much. She was fucking sexy when she was angry.

She snatched the paper towel from him. "You can help by sitting your ass down and letting me get dinner on the table," she growled through clenched teeth. She turned to the sink, wet the paper towel and attempted to remove the greasy substance from her dress.


They ate in silence, with Gabriella shooting annoyed glances across the table at her brother from time to time. She knew she shouldn't be angry with him, it had been an honest mistake on his part, but she couldn't help it. Besides, at least if she was angry with him it would deter her thoughts from how sexy he looked and how much she'd like to see his amazing body minus the clothing.

Anthony would periodically look up at her and open his mouth to say something. She'd glare at him and he'd go back to eating silently. Apparently having had enough of the silent treatment, Anthony tossed his fork onto his near-empty plate with a clang and stared across the table at her.

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