His Virgin Babysitter(9)

By: Lila Younger

“I’ll be back tonight then,” he says. “You should have everything you need here, but I did leave the booster seat in the garage in case you want to take Luna somewhere. I’m hoping to be back by six, maybe seven. I’ll bring dinner too.”

And with that he turns away, leaving me feeling all out of sorts. Work. You’re at work Jade, so act like it, I scold. With that I hurried to the kitchen. At least I know what to do with a four year old girl. Having done so much babysitting for my parents, I have no shortage of fun activities in mind. And hopefully that will keep her mind off of her missing mother.


Once I start watching Luna, her sexy father moves to the back of my mind. I’m a natural with kids, and I just love taking care of them. Luna definitely needs caring too. The things she tells me as we spend the day together is positively heartbreaking. She doesn’t realize it of course, because it’s all she’s ever known, but as the adult, I’m very aware that her childhood so far is not normal. For one thing, I’m pretty sure that her mom’s sleeping with a drug dealer, and neglects Luna on a regular basis to get high. I mean, the kid seemed to think that food comes from a microwave only. She was shocked to see a fridge filled with all sorts of food and such, and even more so when I made her a grilled cheese. I mean, what kind of kid doesn’t know what grilled cheese is?!

And you should have seen her expression when I allowed her to decide what we’d do together. Clearly her mother has never played anything with her nor let her do much of anything. It’s just heartbreaking to hear about. I want to help her somehow, but I’m not sure what I can do, or what I am allowed to do. After all, it’s not like she’s my daughter. Since I was allowed to take Luna out though, I decide to go to the library with her. The poor girl has never seen a storybook. So of course we borrow tons of them to take home.

We’re reading a classic, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, when I hear the door open and Carter calls out.

“Living room,” I holler back.

He pops his golden head through the doorway. Luna sees him, but instead of running over, she stays next to me.

“I got pizza,” he says. “I figured that everyone likes pepperoni right?”

“Definitely,” I say. My stomach gives a rumble. Lunch suddenly seems very far away. “Come on Luna, I’ll finish the story after we eat.”

She pouts for a moment, but I think she’s hungry too, because she relents without a fuss and we head into the kitchen together. I’m glad that Luna is here with us, because she calms me down, keeps me focused on my job as the babysitter. Otherwise I’d be scorched by the Carter’s gaze. I can’t tell what he’s thinking, but my back straightens instinctively, breasts out, displaying myself to him. But can I really be blamed when he looks that good?

At least conversation is easy. We mostly talk to Luna, trade small talk. It turns out that Carter works at a law firm, which explains the impeccably tailored suits, and I tell a white lie about how I’m working to afford my next semester of tuition. When he asks me what I’m studying for, I don’t say lawyer or doctor, but that I’m still thinking about it.

“You have time,” he says, surprising me. Every other adult in my life has been pressuring me to make a decision. “You should enjoy it. Figure out what you really want so you don’t waste time and money on things that don’t matter.”

“Thanks,” I say. “You’re probably the first person I’ve met so far that thinks that way.”

The conversation flows on pleasantly until finally dinner is finished. Luna yawns.

“I think it’s time for bed,” I say.

“But what about the story!” she exclaims. “I want my story!”

“We can do a story before bedtime,” I say. I glance at Carter, who nods. “How about that?”

Reluctantly Luna agrees, so I troop up the grand curving staircase onto the second floor. The hallway goes in two directions, and Luna leads the way to her bedroom. It’s obviously a guest room, painted a soft lilac color, with pictures of flower fields on the walls and a white bedspread on the gigantic king size bed. I was right about the fact that every bedroom has their own ensuite. The purple theme continued into the four piece bathroom.

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