Hot Single Dad(35)

By: Mia Madison

Reid gives me a big hug and then eases off. “I’d better not hug you too tight.”

“All hugs are good.”

“What about your studio? You just got going.”

“I can still design. Being pregnant won’t get in the way of that.” I have a lady who makes up the designs, so all I have to do is draw and meet clients. What does he think will stop me? Honestly, men!

“All the same, you’d better be careful, eat well, avoid all the things you’re supposed to avoid. I’ll have to be gentle with you.”

“Reid, you’ve got to stop this. You’ll drive me crazy. Besides…”


“I have plans for you later, to celebrate, and I haven’t got gentle in mind, far from it.”

“You’re sure it’s okay?”

“It’s more than okay.”

“In that case, Mrs. Marshall, it will be my pleasure.”

“And mine, Mr. Marshall. A thousand times mine and then some.”


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