Hot Single Dad(6)

By: Mia Madison

“Oh god, did you have to remind me of that?” One of my worst days as a teenager. Probably the very worst, if I think about it.

“Sorry. I just remember being honored you ran to my place and that I took you home.”

He doesn’t know the half of how mortified and upset I was. It started with the torments of mean girls laughing at my underdeveloped figure in last period gym class, and my so-called best friend, Judy, joining in.

And then after I got home, I had Dad yelling at me for leaving my dishes lying around. Looking back, I realize he didn’t know what happened at school and the state I was in, but I didn’t see it then.

“I shouldn’t have run to you. I got in your way. Mercia was there.” I don’t know why I went to Reid. He lived just a few blocks away before he moved to Manhattan and was always nice to me when he and Dad got together at our house. They always hit it off.

“Pah! Mercia. You should have disturbed me with her more often and I might have come to my senses a bit sooner.”

I couldn’t tell Reid what was troubling me, but I didn’t know where else to go and I thought he was my friend. I didn’t reckon on him having Mercia Blane, who’d just appeared in her first movie, over at his place. I didn’t even know he’d been doing work for her.

He was kind to me, but she treated me with such contempt. I’ll never forget her words: “There’s a girl to see you, Reid,” she said when she answered the door to me, and then she whispered, “Reid likes his women all grown-up with tits and ass so don’t get any ideas.”

And she swept out of the room, leaving me with him, more upset than ever. He never did get out of me why I was crying. He took me home and this is the first time he’s mentioned it since. Dad didn’t even know I was missing.

“So, are you running away?” he asks.

“I just thought I’d get out of your way.”

“You’re not in my way. Never that,” he says. “But you’re welcome to go to bed.” He looks at his watch. “It’s… er… nine o’clock.”

Is that all? It feels like I’ve been on edge for hours. I’ve only been here since six. If three hours is this hard, what is two months going to be like?

“Late night last night,” I say, though it totally wasn’t. I went to bed and dreamed of Reid and how good it was going to be. Nothing like this nightmare of a situation. Dreams are different. In my dreams nothing is awkward, and the guy acts exactly as you want him to. He sweeps you off your feet. He says all the right things at the right time. And you’re ready with the witty wisecracks that make him smile.

“Goodnight then,” he leans forward and kisses me on the cheek.

I feel my face turn beet red. Usually his kiss hello or goodbye is the highlight of any time I see him, the feel of his soft lips on my cheek, the rasp of his beard against my skin, the male scent of him so close.

Right now, though, it feels super-charged with something more. Maybe because we are alone. Yes, that must be it. But I’m pretty sure that feeling is all one-sided and always has been.

I scuttle away upstairs and start unpacking my things. Luckily, I have my own bathroom. I don’t have to leave my room at all and can stay tucked out of sight until morning.



Fuck! She ran away from me so quickly. She must know how much I want her and I’ve driven her into her room. I am such an idiot, kissing her goodnight. She must think I’m the pervert best friend of her father. Shit, I’m almost old enough to be her father.

I have got to get control of myself. Maybe I should go out one night this week and get laid. But the thought of taking some other woman to bed just to scratch an itch when I really want Holly is less appealing by the minute.

I try to do some work, but I’ve lost all focus. On my way to bed, I pass Holly’s room, and I know she’s in there. I hope she’s not worrying what she is in for working for me.

I’m going to be doubly careful not to touch her or look at her or flirt with her. But I can’t stop thinking about her. She’s my only thought as I grab my cock and jerk off in the shower until I come, the stone-cold water not helping one bit. It doesn’t stop me thinking about her as I go to sleep either, or first thing when I wake. Not only that, when I go into the kitchen, there she is to torment me.

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