Insatiable Stepdaughter(2)

By: Belle Hart

Tonight is an unusual night. Blake can’t come over. He has to go to his grandmother’s big birthday bash. So I’m alone. Bill is late coming home too. It’s getting dark and stormy outside. I may have to make a sandwich for dinner.

I’m reading a magazine on the couch when Bill gets home. He shakes the rain out of his short thinning brown hair. He’s handsome for a 50-year-old man, though. In a professorly way. Tall and thin. He walks a lot, so he’s got lean muscles. He does yoga. He’s got those sensitive brown eyes that girls love. His students get crushes on him. He looks sort of quiet and harmless and cuddly.

He’s holding a pizza box in his hand. He holds it up to show me, “I got dinner.”

“Cool,” I say. I hop off the couch and follow him into the kitchen. He gets out two plates.

“No Blake tonight?” he asks.

“Nope. He had a family thing,” I say as I take a bite of pepperoni pizza. He hands me a glass of water, then gets himself one. We walk over to the little square wooden kitchen table where we always eat.

“How’s school?” he says as he chews.


We finish our dinner and then he goes up to his office to grade some term papers. His office is right next to my bedroom. I hang out watching TV downstairs for a while, then I head up to my bedroom. When I walk by his closed office door, I hear a strange noise.

It almost sounds like a groan. Like he’s in pain. I stop to listen. I hear another one. I put my hand on the doorknob. Should I really go in? He moans. What if he’s sick or injured? I open the door. I am not prepared for what I see.

Bill is sitting in an armchair in his huge home office. In front of him are a big TV and a VCR. He’s watching a tape of Blake and I having sex. I am stunned.

Bill hasn’t noticed that the door opened. He’s moving his arm up and down very fast. I am standing behind him. I take another step. I see he is masturbating. A tube of lubrication sits next to him on a little table. He is rubbing his hand up and down his penis as he watches Blake and I have sex on the screen.

I feel shocked, but I am so turned on too. Seeing Blake and I have sex, seeing Bill masturbate to it. I feel that familiar surge of desire well up in me again. I can’t help it. I quietly unzip my jeans and put my hand inside my panties. I start flicking my clit with my finger and feel my heart pound.

Bill groans. I feel pleasure shiver through me. I can hear Blake and I groaning on the tape. I can see us having sex. It’s always the same position with Blake, him lying on top of me. So I can’t even tell when this tape was made. Or how.

I can feel my pleasure build up as I quietly flick my clit. I am drunk with it. Suddenly, uncontrollably, I moan. That changes everything.

Bill turns quickly and sees me there. He looks like he’s in a haze of desire, but also like he’s horrified. He leaps up, pants still open, and pushes me with both hands out into the hall, then slams the door shut between us.

I am breathless. Shocked. I put my hands on the door. I can hear Bill breathing hard just on the other side of it. I want him to do what Blake was doing to me on the tape. I want him to have sex with me. I can feel the sexual tension through the door.

I can’t believe I feel this way about my stepfather. He’s raised me on his own since I was 15. He was married to my mother since I was 5. This is sick. But it doesn’t feel sick. It feels like we love each other, and this is just an extension of that. But I barely care about the appropriateness right now. I just want him. I start to pant.

He opens the door. He stares down at me. He is tall, but not as tall as Blake. His eyes are full of fierce desire. He pulls me inside the room by my arm. Then he closes the door and quickly pushes me against it, with my back to him.

“Oh, Bill…” I moan. He pulls down my jeans and panties, quickly, all the way to the floor. I step out of them. Then he presses me to the door as he quickly shoves his cock into my pussy. I gasp. My heart starts to race.

He starts to thrust hard into me, almost angrily. I moan loudly. It feels so good. My hands are on the door near my shoulders. He puts his hands over them, holding me tightly there. This is so hot. Almost like he’s forcing me, except I want him. Blake never does things like this. I feel like I need it. I am breathing hard as he thrusts into me.

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