Insatiable Stepdaughter(3)

By: Belle Hart

I can still hear Blake’s and my moans from the tape. I can hear us getting close to orgasm. Just like Bill and I are doing now. Bill starts to pant and groan with each thrust. I moan loudly as my orgasm builds up. Then I groan deeply as it explodes inside me. It's a much harder orgasm than I have ever had. I feel another little orgasm surge through me right after. I grunt.

Bill shakes and grunts loudly, then ejaculates inside me, as I hear Blake and I orgasm on the tape. Bill immediately slides himself out of me and steps away.

“I’m sorry,” he says, out of breath, as he zips up. He quickly walks over and turns off the tape. My muscles are weak and wobbly, but I manage to pull my panties and jeans back on.

He turns to look at me. He looks anguished. But still his face is full of desire. He looks how I feel. I take a step towards him.

“Erica,” Bill warns. “Don’t.”

“We’ve already done it,” I say in a whisper. I keep walking to him.

“It’s just…” he says, taking a small step away from me.

“But I need it,” I say as I look up at him. “I need you. Please…” I put my hands on the sides of his face. He looks down at me with those soulful brown eyes.

Suddenly he grabs me by the arms and pulls me closer and kisses me. Hard. I moan. He is a good kisser. It’s like he knows things Blake would never dream of knowing. I can feel my pussy get wetter. I press my body to his as he kisses me. He groans. As he kisses me, he walks us over to the couch. He pulls the blanket off the back of the couch and stops kissing me long enough to lay it on the carpet. I start to pull off my navy blue T-shirt. He stops me. Then he pulls it off himself. I shiver.

He kisses me more as he unhooks my white bra and pulls it off of me, exposing my large breasts. He moans as he squeezes them with his hands. He massages them and kisses me and I am in heaven. I start to unbutton his long sleeved tan plaid shirt. He finishes for me. He tosses it to the ground. He has lean muscles underneath. I run my hands over them, and up his back. He shivers.

Then he starts to undo the fly of my jeans. I moan. I pull my jeans and panties off again and kick them to the side. I reach for his pants and he quickly unzips them and steps out of them and his boxers. I was barefoot already, but he pulls off his socks and shoes. Now we are totally naked.

His cock is a nice size. It’s bigger than Blake’s. Just a bit. It’s totally erect for me again. I stroke it with my fingers. Bill moans. Then he picks me up in his arms, and kneels on the floor and lays me down on the blanket. He stares at my body as he kneels above me.

I spread my legs for him and feel my face turn red with a blush. I can’t help it. I want him. No matter how embarrassing it is. He closes his eyes and looks ashamed. Then he lays his body on top of mine and starts kissing me hungrily again. I want him so bad now it hurts. I can feel my large tits squish against his bare chest as he presses his body to mine, and it turns me on more.

He starts to pant as he kisses me. He reaches his fingers into my pussy. I am slippery. He starts to flick my clit and I moan loudly. He groans. Then he parts my pussy lips with his hands and slides his cock into me.

“Oh, yes…” I moan. He shudders. Then he starts to thrust in and out of me. He starts slowly, but then he gets faster and harder. Deeper. I am panting and moaning. He starts to really pound himself into me. I can feel my tits bouncing around as he thrusts hard. I can feel him hitting all the pleasure spots inside me with his dick. I stare at his face, we are both drunk with desire. I reach down to grab his butt cheeks to push him deeper into me. He groans. He shoves his dick into me a few more times and I start to feel my pleasure peek.

“Oh, God!” I yell. It is going to be a hard orgasm. “UGGHHH!” I yell as it rips through me. It lasts for a while. My pussy clenches around his dick.

“UGGHH!” he groans loudly as he shoots cum into me again. Then he collapses on top of me, panting. I wrap my arms and legs around him. He shivers.

“What are we doing?” he says, almost to himself.

“Shh…” I say. I run my fingers through his short hair.

“Oh, God, Erica,” he says. Then he moans. He quickly sits up as he slides out of me. I think he is going to kick me out of his office, but instead, he pulls me up, and has me get on all fours on the blanket. I shake with anticipation.

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