Insatiable Stepdaughter(5)

By: Belle Hart

“Oh, Bill…” I say breathlessly. “I need you inside me.”

Suddenly, he grabs my body and turns me around, so I’m facing away from the water. He bends me over. I put my hands on the shower wall. He puts his fingers inside my pussy to feel how wet I am. He groans. Then he guides his hard cock right into me. I moan with pleasure.

“Oh, God, Erica,” Bill says as he puts his hands on my hips. I actually feel him shiver. Then he starts thrusting his cock into my pussy. I feel pleasure start to tingle through me. I can’t believe I’m fucking my stepdad again.

He thrusts his cock in and out while breathing heavily. I whimper and moan, it feels so good. He moves his hands down to my breasts and starts to massage and fondle them. I groan. I feel so damn good right now.

“Oh, Bill,” I say, “fuck me hard…” He picks up his pace. He starts shoving his dick deeper into my pussy. He fucks me harder than before. He grunts with each thrust.

“Oh, Daddy,” I say breathlessly as I feel my orgasm start to build up. Bill fucks me harder when I say that. He is almost frantic now. He pounds his dick into me and I feel the rush as my orgasm nears. Suddenly it crashes over me and clenches up my pussy muscles in a hard burst of pleasure. “UGGHHH!” I yell as I cum.

“UGGHHH!” Bill grunts loudly as he shoots cum into me. Then he turns the water off, pulls out of me and gathers me into his arms. I am still weak with pleasure. He carries me down the hall to his bedroom. The bedroom he used to share with my mother before she died a few years ago.

He pushes the door open and carries me to the neatly-made bed. It has a beautiful crocheted dark red bedspread on it. He lays me down, then pulls back the covers. He picks me up again and lays me on the white sheets. He used to fuck my mother in this bed. That thought makes me dizzy. I gaze up at him with lust. I spread my legs for him, pleading him with my eyes to fuck me more.

He climbs quickly into the bed and lies on top of me. “Oh, Erica, I love you so much,” Bill says as he showers me with kisses.

“I love you too, Bill,” I say as I kiss him back. He reaches down to play with my breasts as he kisses me. Then he kisses my neck and shoulders. He moves his mouth down to my chest to suck on my tits. I moan and run my fingers through his hair.

“Oh, God,” I say as I feel desire flood through me. “Oh, Bill…”

Then he kisses down my stomach. I am shocked. I see where he is going. “Bill?” I ask, a little nervous.

“Shh…” he says as he kisses me lower on my belly.

“But I’ve never done that before,” I say, a little anxious.

He french kisses the area just above my pubic hair. “You’ll love it, sweetheart, I promise,” he says. My heart beats nervously anyway. Then he slowly moves his mouth down to my cunt and starts to suck on it. I moan. And I blush.

He swirls his tongue around my clit and sucks the folds of my skin down there. I can’t believe how good this feels. There’s nothing like it. I start to pant as I moan.

“Oh, Daddy…” I say breathlessly as I feel pleasure build up from his sucking. He reaches up to massage my tits as he eats me out and my pleasure suddenly rushes up in a huge wave. I can’t stand the ecstasy. It bursts through me in a hard clench of pleasure. I groan. I feel my pussy clench three times in a row in intense pleasure. I am in awe.

He stops sucking and crawls up my body with a smile on his face. I am still out of breath. He kisses my neck and my ear as I try to recover, but he is turning me on again. I love the weight of his body on mine. I love how hungry he is for me. I have to have him again.

He kisses me on the mouth then, and I can taste my own sexual juices. That is so kinky it turns me on more. I blush again. I’m so embarrassed by how much I want him. I stop kissing for a moment to stare into his eyes.

“I need you inside me, Bill,” I say, and tears actually leak out of my eyes. That embarrasses me too.

He stares me in the eyes as he reaches down to spread my legs a little and guide his hard cock into my slippery pussy. I’m staring into his eyes with desire as I feel his dick fill me up inside. I moan. I watch his face change as I moan. He looks even more filled with lust than before. He pulls my legs up then, on either side of him. I wrap my legs around his back. His eyes flutter closed momentarily as he moans. Then he opens them again and starts to fuck me.

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