Insatiable Stepdaughter(7)

By: Belle Hart

We sit down to watch a reality show. A little while later Bill comes downstairs, fresh from a shower and fully clothed.

“Hey, kids,” he says as he sees us. Acting how he usually acts. “I’m headed to the campus to grade some papers. I’ll see you later.”

“Okay,” I say.

“See you later,” Blake calls after Bill as he steps quickly out the front door. Then Blake turns to me.

“House to ourselves,” he says as he winks at me. I laugh.

“Let me get some breakfast first,” I say. I get up and head for the kitchen. Blake follows me.

I make myself some oatmeal while he watches.

“You look nervous,” Blake says.

“Nah,” I say as I put a bite of oatmeal in my mouth. I’m actually a little bit freaked out to be sleeping with Blake after I slept with Bill. It kind of makes me sick to my stomach.

“Okay,” Blake says as he walks across the kitchen to me. I’m standing at the counter eating my oatmeal. Blake looks hot as always, jeans and a fitted gray T-shirt. Makes me melt to look at him. I thought I had decided I wanted Bill. Now I’m not so sure. Maybe I am too young to decide. If I teach Blake all about sex will that make him what I want?

Blake gets to me and puts his arms around me from the side, holding me close as I eat.

“I love you, you know,” Blake says into my hair.

“I know,” I say back. “I love you too.”

Later Blake takes my hand and leads me upstairs to my bedroom. I am determined to teach him something new. He kisses me when we step inside my room, and I kiss him back. Then I stare him in the eyes as I pull my T-shirt off over my head. Blake stares down hungrily at my breasts. They are propped up nicely in a pink lace bra. I run my hand down the side of his face.

He quickly pulls his T-shirt off and pulls me to him. He kisses me and unhooks my bra in the back. Then pulls it off of me. We both moan as he starts to play with my bare tits.

“Oh, Blake…” I say with passion. “I want to try something.”

He pulls away and looks at me with a raised eyebrow. “You want to ‘try’ something?” he asks with a laugh. “Kinky.”

I smile. I pull him over to my wide dresser with a big mirror on top. I face the mirror and I look at him in it. He’s standing behind me. I undo my jeans and slowly slide them down as I stare at him. He pushes my panties and jeans down to the floor and I step out of them. Then he quickly kicks his shoes and socks off and steps out of his own jeans and boxer shorts.

He stands behind me and presses his body to mine. Our eyes meet in the mirror and he starts to play with my breasts. I moan. I feel a haze of desire wash over me. I can feel his erection caressing my lower back. Suddenly I lean forward, putting my hands on the dresser, pushing my butt out behind me.

“Whoa,” Blake says. He looks down and puts his hands on my hips. “We need to make you taller,” he says, looking around my room. In the corner he spots the big plastic step I use for step aerobics. He quickly goes across the room to grab it and comes back. I move as he places it on the floor. Then I step onto it. It’s about 3 or 4 inches tall. It raises me up just enough. Blake is a little taller than Bill.

Blake puts his arms around me from behind and feels me up. I am dripping with my sexual juices at this point. I want him so bad. I lean forward again, putting my hands on the dresser. Blake groans.

“Oh, God, Erica,” he says as he puts his fingers in my slippery pussy. Then he slides his hard dick right into me. I moan. I glance up at him in the mirror. Our faces are both full of desire. He starts to fuck me.

“Oh, God, yes,” I say with passion as he thrusts. That makes him thrust harder.

“Oh, God, Erica… Oh, my God…” he keeps saying as he fucks me. He fucks me hard and fast, no buildup. Just straight to the wild abandon. I am moaning and panting.

“Yes…” I say over and over again. “Yes… Oh, god, yes…”

He slams his cock into me and I can’t think straight. Every once in a while I look into the mirror to see him fucking me. It turns me on so much. I can feel a huge orgasm surge up in me, threatening to burst.

“Fuck me!” I yell. “Oh, God!” The ecstasy explodes inside me. “Ugghh!” I yell as I cum. It grips me and shudders through me hard.

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