Insatiable Stepdaughter(8)

By: Belle Hart

“Ugghhh!” Blake yells as he shoots cum into my cunt. Then he grunts loudly again. “Ugghhh!” and shoots another load. Wow.

My legs are wobbly underneath me. Blake pulls out of me and picks me up and carries me to the bed.

“I love you, Erica,” he says as he lays me in the bed. He lies down on top of me and starts kissing me.

“I love you too, Blake,” I say between kisses, but I’m not sure I mean it.

Later, when Blake is gone, and it’s dinnertime, I’m sitting on the couch watching TV, but not really watching. I’m thinking about Bill. Does he really think I would choose Blake over him? Why? Because he’s my age? There’s no comparison.

Just then Bill walks in through the front door. I stand up. He looks sheepishly at me.

“You were away for a long time,” I say.

“I wanted to give you time with him.”


“Did you… sleep with him?” Bill asks cautiously.

“Yes,” I say, suddenly feeling bad. “I thought you wanted me to.”

“I did. I mean, I don’t want to limit you,” Bill says as he stands a few feet from me, looking into my eyes kindly.

“Did you film us?” I ask.

“No,” Bill says, looking surprised. He steps toward me. “That was actually wrong, Erica. I never should have done that.”

“Oh,” I say.

He stares down at me for a moment and I get nervous. “Are you on the pill?” he suddenly asks.

“Yes,” I say.

He breathes a sigh of relief. “Thank God.” I smile.

I take a step closer to him, so we are touching. I reach up on my tiptoes and kiss him on the lips. “Welcome home,” I say.

He puts his arms around me and kisses me deeply, with the same hunger as before. It takes my breath away.

“I missed you,” he says.

“I missed you too,” I say.

He puts his hands on my butt and lifts me up. I wrap my legs around him and we continue to kiss.

“Are you going to fuck me here?” I ask between kisses.

“Yes,” he says in a matter of fact way. I feel dizzy with desire now.

He lays me down gently on the big light brown overstuffed couch. I moan. He pulls my shirt off, and quickly unhooks my bra and peels it off of me. I moan as he dives between my breasts to nuzzle and kiss them. I run my fingers through his hair. He pulls off his plaid button-up shirt and tosses it to the ground. Then he pulls off my jeans and panties, leaving me naked and ready on the couch. He unzips his jeans and pulls them off with his boxers, socks and shoes. He kneels on the floor next to the couch.

He runs his hands down my body and puts his fingers inside my pussy. I am dripping wet for him. I gasp. He massages my breasts with one hand as he fingers me with the other.

“Oh, Bill,” I say. I feel so naked and on display as he fondles my tits and fucks me with his hand, staring at my reaction. His hand rhythmically thrusts in and out of me, massaging me. Then he starts to rub my clit with his thumb as well. I feel like I’m going to die. I feel so exposed and so horny and pleasure is searing through me as he fucks me this way.

“Oh, Billy,” I moan. My mother used to call him that. I feel a blush rush over my face and body after I call him that. He keeps fucking.

“Oh, God! Oh, God!” I yell as he rubs my clit and pussy harder. He massages my tits harder as well. He is getting pretty frantic too. I can hear him breathing harder. I can feel my orgasm and passion building up into an exquisite crescendo.

“Daddy!” I yell as I arch my back. “UGGHHHH!” I yell as I cum. My orgasm churns through my pussy and body with intense pleasure. I am out of breath as I lay my body back down and glance at Bill with hazy eyes. He has tears running down his face. He climbs on top of me and I hold onto him tightly.

He spreads my legs and pussy with his hand as he guides his hard cock into me. I am still out of breath, but I am hungry for more.

He kisses me hungrily as he starts to thrust into me. I moan. My pussy is so sensitive it almost hurts, but I want him so bad. It feels so good right now. Aching pleasure. Deep and intense. I am filled with love and lust for my stepdad.

He stares me in the eye and runs his fingers through my hair as he fucks me. Then he kisses me again. I wrap my legs around him. He groans. I reach down and grab his butt cheeks to push him deeper into me. He starts to fuck me more frantically.

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