Invisible Love Letter(10)

By: Callie Anderson

Even though I couldn’t stop thinking about him, I refused to ask Axel or Leslie about Weston. I had been in Brazil for three months before I caved and looked him up on social media. I stalked his page daily, obsessing over pictures he posted with other girls and watching as his fame grew with each passing week. Axel told me that opportunities for the band opened for them after their performance at Yorks. They would go far, and I went out of my way to assure I wouldn't be a part of it. Eventually, I blocked Weston from my social media accounts so I wouldn't be tempted to see him.

Needless to say, I was busy, and my dating life wasn’t.



Staring back at my reflection in the mirror, I sighed. I had promised Axel I would go out with him for drinks on my next day off, but what I thought would be a simple dinner between us had turned into a mini-reunion   party. Leslie had mentioned it to Harry, who insisted on joining us. They were still hooking up when it was convenient for him. She swore it was a mutual agreement, but I knew she was lying to herself. By the end of the night, Axel would most likely find someone to shag, so I’d invited Marc.

Marc and I had met several weeks prior when Leslie had a happy hour after work and begged for me to meet her there. It was Labor Day weekend and I didn't have to go back to the late night show. We’d sat at the high top tables of Sho, a rooftop bar. Marc was there with his friend, doing the exact same thing we were doing, when his chair backed into mine.

“I'm sorry.” His hand reached up and touched my shoulder. The sparks didn't fly like they had with Weston, but there was enough reaction to keep me interested. Over time I discovered he worked as a sales representative for a pharmaceutical company. He was fun, a good time in the bedroom, and had no problem leaving without that awkward conversation the next morning. Our relationship was purely physical. It was temporary, we both knew that, and it worked.

I was curling my hair with the diffuser, letting curls form naturally, when Leslie walked in my room. “How do I look?” She struck a pose. She had on skinny jeans, a loose, sparkly gold top, and her hair was tied up high in a ponytail. She looked stunning.

“You look freaking hot,” I responded.

“Thanks!” She turned and shook her ass at me. “You look like you want to get some tonight with that hair.” Leslie motioned her hands like a cat and silently roared.

My hair was big with volume, my red curls all over the place—wild and untamed. I applied one last coat of lip-gloss, found my clutch and followed Leslie out the door.

We’d decided to go to Sessions, a lounge in Santa Monica. Axel knew the guys working the door, so I’d be able to get in even though I wasn’t yet twenty-one. Sessions was like most lounges in LA, dark and smoky with long leather couches and low, tea light candles were scattered through the tables. Red drapes made for wall decor.

Marc was driving down from Glendale to meet us. He and I had seen each other a couple of times since we met at happy hour. Tonight was the first night he’d meet my friends, and only because Leslie refused to drop the fact I had been seeing him for over a month and she still hadn’t met him.

I valeted my car and walked around to meet Leslie on the sidewalk. Axel was outside Session’s, waiting for us with a cigarette between his lips. In true Axel form, he draped his arm over my shoulder and walked me in. The bouncer didn't ask for my ID when we passed him. Leslie clenched onto Harry and the sparkle in her eyes told me I would either be going home solo or with Marc.

Axel guided me towards his table which was already covered with bottles of champagne and other hard liquor. He introduced me to a few of his friends, but the music was loud and hard to hear, so I was unable to make out any of their names.

Leslie filled a champagne flute and passed it over to me. Sitting on Harry's lap, she raised her glass to mine. “To the good life, Emmy.”

The Moet was sweet and tickled my throat as I swallowed. My head bobbed to the music as I scanned the room for Weston. I kept telling myself that I didn’t care if I ran into him, but that was a big lie. Deep down, a part of me wanted to. I hadn’t seen him since I'd been back, and a part of me wanted to ask Axel or Harry, but that would be cause for an inquisition. I didn’t have any siblings, but the way Axel acted towards me felt very much like a protective older brother.

My phone lit up.

Marc: They won't let us in.

Lifting one finger to Leslie, I mouthed I'll be right back as I hit the call button. I walked over to the ladies room and stood in line. “Hey,” I shouted into the phone.

“Hey,” he greeted me. “They won't let us in.”

“Why not?”

“Because I didn’t know this place had a dress code and I don’t have the proper shoes, according to the bouncer.” His voice was laced with irritation.

Shit. He drove all this way to see me and now he couldn’t get in?

“Crap … Let me talk to my roommate. I'll let her know I’m leaving with you.”

“No, don't do that. You're out with your friends. I'll meet you after. I'll have Cooper drive my car home and then you can give me a ride, sound good?”

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