Jaded Jewels (The Coveted Saga #2)(10)

By: C.M. Owens

My adrenaline had been pumping so high that now my body was having to come back down, and it was making me shake all over. I finally sat down and answered the question.

"He was certainly not a dramian. He hates Graven as much as we do. His name was Lokan. He wanted to give us some information. He wants us to stop Graven."

"Who is Lokan? I've never heard of him," Ayla added, sounding as worried as all of us.

Her close proximity to Jay left her vulnerable to such an emotion, something she wasn't accustomed to. It was notably overwhelming her.

"I know who he is," Henry said, venom seeping from his tone. As one, we all turned to face him. Pale, shaking with fury, and jaw clenched, Henry looked close to imploding as he continued with, "He's the one that killed my family."

A new sense of fear gathered amongst the room. He killed a bodyguard and a witch, not to mention the rest of the coven that was slaughtered. I shouldn't be alive right now.

Ayla was the first to break the new spell of silence. "We have to get everyone together right now."

Jay nodded in agreement, and everyone headed downstairs as I threw on some clothes and followed. I had to tell them every detail I just learned. The biggest thing I wanted to bring up was the fact security needed to be bumped up. I didn't ever want to find some stranger sitting on my bed that casually again.

Chapter 4

People Talk

How many times are you truly expected to take the high road when so many low blows keep coming your way?

Henry and I pulled up at school the morning after my nighttime visitor. After less than two hours of sleep, I was exhausted and he was refreshed. Immortals were quickly grating on my nerves.

McKee and Taryn were already there. Henry walked me into the school hallway, guiding me with his hand at my back. But my stomach sunk when I saw Tallis approaching, looking furious. I turned to Henry as Tallis grew nearer.

"Hey, can you give me a minute? Taryn will show you where your locker is."

Henry nodded as he noticed Tallis rapidly closing the distance between us, barely refraining from use immortal speed. Henry walked away warily as they made eye contact, holding each other's gaze as each measured the other.

Tallis broke the eye contact between himself and Henry as he approached me. His eyes quickly shifted back to meet mine, and the glare made me shiver.

What had I done now? I just got here.

"Why didn't you call me? Are you okay? I just found out this morning before I left."

Whoa. What?

How dare he sound so offended for being left out of the loop.

"I'm fine. He never planned on hurting me… this time—"

"This time?" he asked, sounding furious while cutting me off before I could finish. "He threatened to come back? Why didn't you call me? I could've been there in no time. You certainly made sure to call the rest of my family!"

There was no way he was serious. Couldn't be. Why didn't I call? Was that rhetorical?

I grabbed his arm and forcefully pulled him to a corner where no one could overhear the tirade I was itching to release.

"Really? You wonder why I didn't call? That's your big concern? I've called you incessantly—every day since you ran away from me—and you haven't answered one call. I have begged you to talk to me at school, but nothing. I have left you countless messages and texts. I have pleaded with you to call me back or come see me, but I hear nothing in return. I have cried myself to sleep too many nights, while you pretend that nothing happened. You think you're so superior to me, but you're really not. You're over a century old, but you've been acting like a typical teenage jerk to me. A real class act, I have to say.

"I walked into my room—that you weren't in—to find a man sitting on my bed. A man who threatens me, and then gives me information to help us at the same time. A man who got so close to me that he kissed my head. I could feel the heat of his breath; that's how close he was.

"I feared for my life for over ten minutes, knowing that no one was around to save me because of my stupid, mortal feelings. I don't see how you have any right to act like you care now!"

I hated crying, and lately, that was all I seemed to ever do. People were noticing the heavy drops running down my cheeks, and I was growing increasingly aware of how pathetic I looked.

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