Jock: A Secret Baby Sports Romance(8)

By: Aubrey Irons

I’m clinging to him, one hand up and around his neck as he bends down to kiss me. A hand slides from my waist down to my ass, his big hand cupping and kneading it before it suddenly tightens. I gasp into him as he lifts me up with one hand, pulling me up into him as he moves us into the room. My hands go around his neck, my legs tight around his waist as he slams the door shut and we tumble into the room.

I moan when my back hits the wall behind me, crushing my lips to his even harder as he presses that muscled body to my small frame. He’s slipping my dress up over my ass, and his hand moves between my legs. I moan as his fingers find me soaking wet through my panties, and he strokes one of those large digits up my seam through the material.

I groan and kiss him harder as he starts to tease me, rubbing me slowly through my panties as I pant into his mouth and move my hips against him. He finally moves to push them to the side, and I moan as one of those big, magical fingers slips easily inside.

I’m still in his arms, still not even touching the floor with my legs spread around his hips and my arms clinging to his neck as he curls his finger deep inside. I’m small, but I’ve never been with a man this big - a man that can just pick me up like this as if I weighed nothing while he draws the pleasure from my body.

Holden suddenly whirls, me still in his arms as he strides towards the bed in the middle of the room, and I gasp as he tosses me down on across it. My breath comes sharp, my hair wild and fanned out around me. I bite my lip, eyeing him as he peels his shirt off - that hard, perfect body of his coming into view as he moves onto the bed. He drops his pants, and my eyes lock onto the large bulge at the front of his jockey shorts.

The very large bulge.

He crawls up to me, his eyes locked on mine and that smug grin on his face. He kisses me again, his fingers slipping up into my hair and pressing his lips to mine hard as he growls, like he’s claiming me. I moan, throwing my legs around his body and throwing my head back as his lips move down over my jaw and my neck, leaving sweet bruises and bites in their wake.

“This- this doesn’t change anything, you know,” I manage to get out as he lifts me, unzipping the dress and slipping it from body.

His eyes flash.

“Change anything like what?”

“I mean I’m still going to drive a hard negotiations process, you know.” I moan as he slips my bra off my shoulders and moves his mouth to my breasts. His lips wrap around a soft pink nipple, teasing it with his tongue as I gasp and run my fingers into his hair.

He chuckles darkly as he pulls my panties down over my hips and off my legs, before moving up to my neck again. I moan as his fingers slip between my lips and slide deep inside my dripping wet slit.

“You think I’d sleep with you to try and get a better contract deal?” He arches a brow at me as he pulls away from my breast.

“Now what would that make me, huh?” He growls, his lips brushing my neck. “I think I’m insulted.”

“I doubt that,” I pant, biting my lip as his thumb works over my clit. “But just in case, I’m sorry for the insinuation - oh…”

I moan, arching my hips as he curls his fingers deep inside my pussy.

“Apology accepted,” he husks into my ear before sucking the lobe between his teeth. I can feel his cock throbbing hard against my thigh through his boxers.

“But if you’re really that bent out of a shape about it, I can think of a way for you to make it up to my poor, damaged ego.”

I close my eyes and grin as I bite my lip, feeling my chest rise and fall as the blood pounds through my ears.

“Oh? And what might that be,” I groan as his lips and tongue work over my neck while his fingers stroke slowly in and out of me.

He pauses, his lips hovering right by my ear.

“You’re going to spread those legs wide,” he growls.

You’re going to, not I want you to. There’s something about the demanding way he says it that has me melting for him. There’s something about the way he commands me to do it that pulls at something deep inside of me, shattering every normal response I should have to that.

“You’re going to grab the backs of your knees.”

His slips a second finger inside of me, curling it up and forward alongside the first, and I gasp as the pleasure shivers through me.

“And then I’m going to lick that sweet pussy of yours with my tongue until you come all over my mouth.”

I’m lost in it all, barely aware of nodding and doing what he says as he moves between my legs. His large hands push my legs up and wide, and I grab ahold of them like he tells me to do. And part of me still wants to give him a piece of my mind for being so damn bossy, but when that tongue of his drags over my slit, I go to pieces.

And I’m undone.

I’m falling, gasping for air and moaning wildly as his wicked tongue coaxes me higher and higher, until I’m sure I’ll float away. And when he wraps his lips around my clit and swirls his tongue across it, and sends me crashing into my climax, I’m sure I actually might.

After that, he’s slipping his shorts down, and my eyes go wide at the thick cock that bobs into view. I’m moaning as I reach for him, pulling him into me as his lips crash against mine.

He scoops me up in his arms as he flips us over, my legs going astride his grooved, muscled hips. I’m stroking him, feeling him hot and throbbing against my thigh as his hands move over my ass.

The pulsing head of him is poised at my entrance when we freeze and glance up to lock eyes.

I bite my lip. “Do you…?”

“Fuck,” he growls, his jaw tightening before he shakes his head.

And I don’t know what in the hell possesses me to say what I say next, but there it is, tumbling from my lips.

“I’m on the pill.”

His eyes flash as his cock pulses hot in my hand, right against my opening.

“I’m clean,” he says as he sits up, his hand holding my ass as I slowly rock my hips against him.

He must see the look on my face, because he shakes his head.

“I never not use one,” he husks into my lips. “And I get tested all the damn time.”

His body is so hard, and so ready, pressed against me like that. And I’m so wet, and so aching for this that I find myself nodding. I find myself throwing every ounce of caution I have to the wind and tossing sense, reason, and self-control right out the window as I nod.

“You can’t stay, you know,” I say quickly.

Holden grins as he arches a brow.

“What, like stay the night?”

I nod and he chuckles darkly.

“I think we’re both adults enough to know what this is, sugar. Relax, I’m not gonna ask you to go steady with me or take you to the fucking prom.”

I arch a brow at him, biting my lip.

“I would have never gone to the prom with a guy like you.”

His eyes flash darkly at me, and I suddenly whimper as the head of his cock slips against my opening.

“Yeah, but you’re going to really wish you had after I’m done with you.”

He pushes inside, and I moan loudly as my eyes start to roll back.

“Anyone - uhh - anyone ever mention that you’ve got an over-sized ego?”

He groans as he rocks his hips up, and we both cry out as he drives in deep, filling me to the hilt.

“You tell me,” he growls. “How’s that oversized ego feel buried inside your tight pussy?”

I moan loudly, the pleasure pulsing through me.

“I think you need to shut up and fuck me,” I groan.

And after that, it’s like the floodgates have opened. After that, it’s a blur of shuddering breaths and ecstasy as we come crashing together.

We’re gasping as he plunges inside of me again and again, filling me to the hilt with every stroke as he rocks his body against mine. His strong, powerful arms hold me tight, pumping me up and down on his cock as I claw at his back and at the corners of my sanity.

It’s so wrong. It’s against every professional boundary I have to be here, doing this with a prospect, and against every personal one to be doing this with an arrogant, smug jock like him.

But there’s no holding back on this.

This is pent up lust.

This is sweet release.

This is a one-time thing, and for the time being, my boundaries and my convictions can take the night off.

I cry out when the orgasm finally slams into me, my whole body quaking and shivering as I bury my scream into his chest. Holden drives up into me again and again, fucking me hard and deep through my climax until I feel his muscles bunch and coil beneath my fingers. He gasps as he follows me over that cliff, holding me tightly and searing his lips across mine.

* * *

It’s barely dim with morning light outside when I startle myself awake. I blink, frowning at my surroundings until I remember who I’m with and what just happened.


He’s still asleep, still sprawled out on his stomach, and his arm is draped across my hip.

I frown, my mouth tasting like a sock as I slip out from his arm and pad my way to the bathroom. I splash water on my face and gulp down two glasses of it along with three aspirin to stave off the hangover I know I’ll have tomorrow.

So, that happened.

I meet my eye in the mirror. And for a minute, I want to chastise myself, or cringe, or even just leave.

But I stop myself.

“I think we’re both adults enough to know what this is, sugar.”

Of course we are. And what just happened doesn’t change a single thing.

The glow creeps across my cheeks as the replays start to drift through my head.

He wakes briefly as I stumble back into the bed.

“Fuck, what time is it?”

“Dunno,” I mumble, crawling back in with him.

“I should go,” he mumbles back, his voice heavy with sleep.

“Eh, don’t worry about it, we can just go back to sleep,” I murmur as I let my heavy lids start to close.

I feel him flop back down on the bed behind me. His arms drifts back across my waist, hugging me close as I feel his breathing becoming regular again.

This should be warning bells.

This should be a big red “what did you just do” warning sign.

But his arm around me like that feels too damn good to have anything else to say about it, and I’m too damn exhausted to do anything but close my eyes and ease my body back against his.

I’m going to regret this.


But for now, that part can wait.



I wake up with my face buried in a hotel pillow, blinking at the morning light.

I blink again, frowning slightly at the unfamiliarity that comes with waking up in a new place before consciousness starts to filter into my head. There’s a dull ache in my head, but I’m not feeling nearly as hungover as I probably should be. I turn, realizing I’m alone in the bed before sitting up and running my hands over my face and through my hair.

Shit, last night happened.

I grin at the soreness in my muscles and the memory of her moans as she shattered to pieces for me. My cock swells slightly at the memory of her body bouncing up and down on top of me, of her brow creasing and her mouth going slack as she came.

As I slowly become more of aware of my surroundings, I realize the sound I’m hearing is the shower running in the bathroom.

I grin hungrily.

Because my cock is now pulsing hard at the thought of London Jacobs all wet and soapy in the shower.

Yeah, I could go for some seconds right about now.

I swing my legs out of bed and stand shakily, my cock bobbing in the air in front of me as I stretch and then stalk towards the half-cracked bathroom door. I’ve woken up in unfamiliar beds a hundred times after charming my way into a hundred different unfamiliar hotel rooms. But there’s something about last night and the way I’m raring to go again this morning that has my dick leading me to the bathroom and the naked girl I can imagine standing within.

Because last night was fucking awesome. Okay, all sex is awesome, especially when I’m sliding inside a new girl for the first time - watching the look of bliss on her face as she takes every inch of me. But there’s something standing out about last night that won’t get its hooks out of me. Maybe it’s the extra level of “wrong” in her being who she is, and who her father is. Maybe I’m a little impressed with the way a girl half my size met me drink-for-drink without blacking out at the restaurant.

Or maybe it’s that the taste I had of her last night is possibly some of - if not the - greatest sex I’ve ever had.

That’s bullshit.

I shake the thought from my head as I pause outside the bathroom door. I’m skewing the memory of last night because it’s fresh - because it just happened. And I’m putting her and the mind-blowing fucking that went down last night on a pedestal because of my frustrating and wildly uncharacteristic dry spell of the last month before it.

Being the life of the party gets you laid. Being a full-time, fall-down drunk does not.

My mind drifts again to the memory of last night - to the visual still dancing through my head of her small body riding mine; to the feel of her hips eagerly rocking back and forth and of that tight, curvy ass bucking as she swallows every inch of my cock again and again until she’s exploding around me.

And I am now hard as iron standing there outside the bathroom listening to the water cascade over her nude body. I’m suddenly wondering if this comes as part of the package with moving to Houston.

Yeah, it’s time for round two.

My hand is on the doorknob to the not-quite-closed door when the shower stops abruptly. I pause, frowning at the missed opportunity to get in there with her, when the door suddenly swings open.

She’s wrapped in a towel, her wet hair cascading in a tangled mess over her shoulders and over the tops of her breasts tucked behind that towel. She looks surprised to see me standing there, and when her eyes drop to realize I’m nude and fully hard as well, that pink blush creeps into her cheeks as her mouth opens slightly.

I grin as I step towards her, ready to pull that towel off and get another taste of her when she looks up sharply.

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