Just One Chance (Oh Tequila Series Book 1)(10)

By: C.A. Harms

I silently cursed Jay, because if I lost my chance with her, he’d pay dearly for it.

I entered the kitchen to find the twins standing about ten feet apart facing one another. A small audience had gathered. What the hell is happening now?

Just then something went sailing through the air from Corbin’s hand toward Clayton.

Cheers erupted when Clayton caught it and held it up in the air. Something white.

“Now back it up,” Clayton yelled toward his brother. Each of them took another step back, gaining more empty space between them. “This one is coming in fast,” he stated.

Were they throwing baseballs in the house?

I started to step forward to tell them that wasn’t a good idea, but Clayton released the object and it connected with Corbin’s hands, splattering all over him.

“Dude, you broke it,” Corbin complained as he shook off the slimy mess.

“No, asshole, you broke it,” Clayton corrected.

The idiots were having a damn egg toss in the center of the kitchen. And once again I wondered how in the hell I got caught up in a house of weird fuckers.

Naked, egg tossing, dildo playing, eyebrow shaving weirdos.

I began to scan the room and found Red and Isaac both standing back laughing as the twins grabbed another egg from the carton on the counter and resumed their game.

“I’m winding up,” Corbin said, trying to maintain a serious face. “This one is coming in hot. A curve ball.”

“I’m ready,” Clayton insisted, crouching down in a catcher’s position.

Corbin turned sideways, lifted his leg, and with as much force as a dumbass who’d consumed the amount of alcohol he had could, he whipped the egg toward his brother.

Only it didn’t reach his brother’s hand.

Nope, not even close.

The room went silent, everyone staring at the oozing slime and the person who wore it.


And by the look on his face he was already planning Corbin’s death. His once bushy red afro was now flat on one side as the yellow yolk dripped down his face.

Elijah, slowly and scarily I might add, stepped forward and leaned over. We just knew when the man took a tackling stance, the one he used every game. We were in trouble.

With eyes wide as saucers, Corbin began to back away, shaking his head.

“Red.” He held his hands out before him, as if that would stop Elijah. “I’m sorry, man, I’m really sorry.”

But his apologies did nothing to stop the attack. Red reared back, and with one big, heaving push-off, he charged toward Corbin. The best fucking part of it was Corbin’s banshee squeals. He ran in the opposite direction, arms flailing like a damn girl. You could hear him wailing in the next room until one high pitched squeal echoed throughout the house.

“Touchdown,” someone yelled out, followed by cheers and laughter. I knew for a fact Corbin would feel that in the morning.

And the day after, too.


I’d given up and come to the conclusion that the girl from earlier was gone. I’d looked everywhere and still no blonde with gorgeous eyes.

But unfortunately Britney was still there.

Lucky us.

She was still trying to gain my attention, and for what, I wasn’t sure.

I grabbed a bottle of tequila and a shot glass and moved upstairs to a quieter area. If I was gonna get drunk, I’d do it somewhere away from Red. But honestly, I was hoping he had long ago forgotten my earlier torment and replaced it with his hate for the twins.

Well, at least for Corbin and his wild pitch.

I moved through the hallway, and when I reached my room I placed the key in the lock and twisted it.

Once I was inside I made sure to lock it back and sat back on my bed, leaning against the headboard.

Opting out of the glass, I went straight for the bottle instead.

Chapter 8


I was completely aware of my surroundings. Aware of the fact that the girl next to me had her head resting on my shoulder. And she had for some time now, as she went on and on about her crush on some guy named Isaac.

The weird part about it was that it didn’t bother me as much as it would have had I been sober.

And by the look on Marcus’ face, he was equally surprised.

“He’s just so dreamy,” the girl slurred. “And we hooked up once, but now he just acts like he doesn’t know me. And I’m wondering what I did wrong,” she whined, stretching her words out in long exaggerated tones.

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