Just One Chance (Oh Tequila Series Book 1)(6)

By: C.A. Harms

“Hey,” I hollered out as I opened my door.

But he didn’t stop.

“Asshole,” I yelled a little louder, and about five guys turned to look in my direction.

Yep, let’s party.

A party full of men who responded to someone yelling asshole. Oh the possibilities.

I shivered at the thought of what my night would entail.

Sluggishly, I climbed out of the car and jogged across the street to catch up with Marcus. When I reached him, I tucked my arm through his and he leaned into my body. “Promise me you’ll have a little fun,” he said as he led me up the porch. I ignored the curious stares of those around us as I focused on placing one foot in front of the other. “You never just let go, and you need to every once in a while. Otherwise you’ll be a dried up ol’ bitch with no friends later in life.”

“Nice analogy.” I rolled my eyes as we stepped inside.

“I’m not kidding; just let loose and be a young adult for once. I know shit’s rough. And I know you have a lot of things to stress over, but for tonight can you just relax? Forget all the garbage and just act your age for one night.”

I looked up and could see that he was being completely serious.

Marcus and I joked around a lot. But this was definitely one of those times he was not playing.

“Okay,” I said, bumping my hip against his. “I’ll have fun.”

“Promise?” he asked with a questioning stare.

“Yes,” I said, before suddenly stiffening and moving in closer to him. As if to seek shelter from my current position. “I’ll attempt to ignore the fact that right now, there is a hand on my ass that shouldn’t be there,” I said through gritted teeth.

Marcus looked over my shoulder and I saw that he was fighting against a grin.

“Have you ever imagined what it would be like to be with another girl?” he asked and my eyes widened a little further as the hand squeezed my ass and another began to snake around my waist.

“Make it stop.” I glared at him. “Or so help me God, Marcus, I will turn around right now and…” I was cut off when he jerked my body forward and moved me across the room, far, far away from Miss Grabby.

I took in a deep calming breath, remembering what I had just promised Marcus only moments ago.

A good time.

I would relax.

I kept repeating that in my mind when I accepted the pinkish-looking drink Marcus handed me and tipped it back, drinking half the contents in one big gulp.

“Keep ’em coming,” I said as I lowered the drink for only a few seconds before lifting the cup again and finishing it off quickly.

Chapter 5


I was well aware of Red watching me from across the room. When I moved, he moved.

I knew he was waiting for the right moment when he could get me back for torturing his ass all day. Which is why for the last hour I’d slowly nursed the same beer.

I guess I’d hoped he’d find another source to occupy his attention by now. But I could only blame myself for this. I pushed him; what is one to do when they know they are already doomed?

You taunt a little more.

I lifted my beer in the air, using it to point in Elijah’s direction, and when I was sure his eyes were locked on mine, I winked and blew him a kiss.

The guy was fun to fuck with.

As the party went on, I found myself growing bored. It was then I realized that it wasn’t always Britney who kept me from the parties; I just would have rather spent time with her then be wrapped up in this shit.

Don’t get me wrong—I had fun with the guys, but I wasn’t a heavy partier.

My father and mother had both raised me knowing the importance of life. Neither of them ever drank. Instead we spent nights doing family shit. My brother and sister were both younger than me, so I was always pushed into board games and family nights. After a while those things became something I looked forward to.

Nights in, relaxing.

Much better than waking up the day after a party feeling like ass and unable to remember what the hell you did the night before.

“You find your balls yet?” I looked to my left to see Corbin smiling at me. The guy was such a weirdo at times.

But before I could answer, Clayton responded for me.

“Hell no, he’s peeled back his pussy lips and realized they’re gone.” He chuckled and Corbin joined in. They really thought they were comedians.

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