Just One Chance (Oh Tequila Series Book 1)(8)

By: C.A. Harms

I found myself hoping that she also had not yet experienced such a thing. And was thankful when she didn’t raise her shot glass to her lips.

We shared some crazy stare down, no words, just curiosity.

“Never have I ever slept with twins.”

For the first time I took my eyes off the blonde and looked toward Corbin, who was looking around at the girls with a hopeful look on his face.

And found myself wandering off into territory I truly didn’t want to venture to, but was unable to stop it.

The twins did some sort of fist bump when one girl tipped her glass back and downed her shot. As she lowered it, she was eyeing the brothers and I knew right then their night was set up.

Freaky fucking twin shit going down and I was glad I had something else to distract me, because that shit just ain’t right.

Chapter 6


“Do you know him?” Marcus leaned in close, whispering in my ear.

The reaction it gained from Mystery Guy made me smile. Apparently he wasn’t impressed with Marcus and his closeness. Normally that type of thing I found annoying, but at that moment it sparked an interest. Something about his dislike for another man paying attention to me was appealing.

“Nope,” I said, without looking away from the guy. He had barely taken his eyes off me since we started this silly game of questions and I found I loved it.

“From the looks of it, he’s wanting to get to know you,” Marcus added, and by his tone I could tell he approved. The appreciative little moan he let escape made me laugh.

Marcus was always pointing out good-looking guys to me. Telling me things like “I bet he would rock your world” and “Look at that ass.” Apparently I wasn’t forward enough for him, and he felt he needed to push me.

Mystery Guy, as I’d decided to call him for now, was very good looking. Tall, just how I like them, and dark hair, long enough to tug on when he was doing nasty things to me.

Just the thought of those things turned me on.

It was then I realized the multiple shots I had consumed were beginning to have an effect.

He’d been watching me close for the last hour. Each question that had been asked was just another small piece of the mystery solved.

He was experienced, but not overly experienced. Which meant there was room to explore.

I liked that idea.

“So what was with that question you asked?” Marcus spoke again and suddenly I felt the heat rise in my neck and cheeks.

I didn’t drink often but I found that it seemed to make me more adventurous and, um, horny, apparently.

“Morgan?” I pulled my stare away from the guy and faced Marcus. “The question?” he asked again, reminding me that I had yet to respond.

“What question?” I asked, as if lost to what he was meant. But I knew.

“You know exactly what question I’m referring to,” he added, daring me to argue. “The one about hooking up with someone you just met.” He wasn’t going to give me the chance to skate around the subject any longer.

“Oh that question.” I shrugged. “You did insist I have a little fun. He looks like fun,” I said, wagging my eyebrows suggestively.

“Honey, he looks like a whole lot of fun,” Marcus corrected. “Maybe even a little too much for an innocent like you.”

“Maybe I’m not so innocent,” I said, looking away from Marcus and back toward the guy, who was now preoccupied with the obvious twins he’d walked in with.

“Maybe you think I’m an idiot.” Marcus nudged me with his shoulder. “Because, Morgan, I know you, and you don’t do one night stands.”

Without looking back at him, I lifted the shot glass to my lips and tilted it back. It burnt on the way down, but I did my best to hide it. I had reached the point where I was feeling a good buzz.

I felt more confident than I normally did. More determined and definitely more cocky.

Lowering my glass to the table, I sat it down a little harder than I intended and it made a decently loud clank. But due to the noise of the room no one else seemed to pick up on my lack of judgement.

“Well it’s time I turn over a new leaf,” I stated as I pushed back and began to round the table.

It was as if Mystery Guy could feel me coming because he looked up and smiled.

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