Just One Chance (Oh Tequila Series Book 1)(9)

By: C.A. Harms

“Hi,” I said and instantly regretted it.

I could do sultry. I could do the “let’s get naked now” look that I’d seen many girls use since I got there.

I laughed a little and I am sure I looked like an idiot.

Okay, who the hell was I kidding? I didn’t play games. I was terrible at them. I was the girl who said things before I thought them through. I shared what was on my mind the moment it arrived there without sugarcoating any of it.

So I should have just told the guy I wanted to hook up and move on.

But before I could do something that was so unlike me, I was pushed from behind and fell into his arms.

He gripped my waist tightly and turned his body, taking me with him as if to protect me from whatever it was that just barreled into my back.

“Whew!” A loud yelling filled the room. “Yeah baby, dick’s a swinging,” someone hollered, gaining everyone’s attention.

I looked around the guy’s body and I know my eyes widened to double their normal size.

There in the center of the room stood a tall, skinny guy, naked. He was swiveling his hips, making his manly parts swing around and around. A huge smile was on his face, but you could tell he was beyond loaded.

The best part about it was all the streamers he had tied around his waist, wrists, and ankles. It was almost as if he had decorated himself.

He kept chanting “Dick’s a swinging” as he wiggled his hips around and around. He was so lost. Completely inebriated.

And I think I was in shock. Does this shit really take place at parties? No wonder I did my best to avoid them.

“Holy shit,” I heard Mystery Guy say. His chest, on which my hand rested, unknown to me, shook with his laughter.

“Somebody needs to get Jay,” he said to the two guys standing at his side.

“Not me,” one responded quickly, backing away with his hands out to his sides.

“I sure as hell ain’t getting him,” the other twin said. “He’s fucking naked, man. I’m not touching that shit.”

I straightened myself and stepped back from the guy, but he kept his hand on my hip. I was now trapped in a really awkward situation I honestly just wanted to step away from.

Loud cheering broke out, regaining the attention of the three guys. I took the chance to sneak away.

I scurried off, hooked my arm in Marcus’s, and quickly dragged him from the room.

“Wait,” he argued, straining his neck to see the skinny guy who was still putting on a show. Only now he had moved on to break dancing, or his idea of break dancing.

All I knew was his feet were in the air, legs wide open, and I couldn’t stomach the thought of what that actually looked like. Things flipping around, completely open and displayed.

I wrinkled my nose in disgust and shivered as I pulled harder on Marcus.

I was thankful there was a wall of students blocking my view of the creepy show.

Chapter 7


I spent the last hour looking for the blonde.

I had her right in my hands and then she was gone; I couldn’t find her anywhere.

Thanks to Jay and his weird fucked up naked dance. I mean, who the hell does that shit anyway?

“Dick’s a swinging.” What the fuck gave him the idea to decorate himself with streamers and streak through the house?

And he made sure every person saw him doing his dick swivel. I had to deal with that shit because no one else would touch him.

Not that I wanted to either.

He would never live this down. I lost track of the amount of students videotaping his show. I could guarantee that shit was live streaming across campus in minutes.

The hashtag “dicksaswinging” would follow him around for years. Freaky little fucker didn’t need to be drinking. You’d never guess that on a normal day the kid barely spoke. But give him a bottle of liquor and he lost his clothes and danced around a room, or a house in this case.

Clayton and Corbin decided they wanted nothing to do with Jay and his show, and since I was still partially sober, there was no way I could let it continue.

I did my best not to touch any parts of him below the waist, but I still felt like I needed a shower. Talk about sobering up quickly.

Now that the asshole was safely tucked in his bed, passed out for the night I hoped, I was in search of the girl. The sweet little blonde who was so close at one point. Firmly pressed against my chest looking up at me with those gorgeous green eyes.

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