Kiss My Boots(110)

By: Harper Sloan

“I love you, Daddy,” I whisper, leaning up to kiss his jaw, tasting the salt of his tears.

I grab the purse I had tossed in the chair before walking out of the room. I smile at Gladys and thank her for fitting me in before walking on what feels like air to Homer. I don’t stick around because he wasn’t wrong when he said the exam room wasn’t the place to get in a quickie and if I know my man, he’s going to want to celebrate when the shocked happiness I left him experiencing wears off.

I make it home just twenty minutes before I hear the familiar sound of his steps on the porch. I had been standing in the middle of the living room, waiting, that confident that he wasn’t far behind me, so when he throws open the front door in a rush I’ve got a front-row seat.

“You just left me like that?” he whispers hoarsely. His eyes are red and I know he probably didn’t stop those tears from falling until well after I left.

“I knew you wouldn’t be far behind me, honey.”

He closes the distance between us. “Oh you did?”

I nod. “You wouldn’t have wanted to celebrate with an office full of patients, Starch. Just lookin’ out for my baby daddy and all.” I smirk, feeling my chin start to tremble. “You’re gonna be a daddy,” I breathe, his hands framing my face as his thumbs wipe away the tears that finally escape my eyes.

“You’re gonna be a mama.”

“God, Tate,” I choke out with a sob, smiling through the happy tears. “I love you so much I feel like I could burst.”

He presses his forehead against mine, pulling me closer. “Always knew it would be a wild and unpredictable ride with you, Grease. Not sure I could love you more than I do right now, knowin’ you’re givin’ me somethin’ as beautiful as our first child.”

The tears continue to fall down my face as he presses his lips against mine, stripping us both down before carrying me to the bedroom and showing me just how happy he is that we’ve created a life with the love we feel for each other.

It was a long road, us getting here, but when I have him holding me in his arms—skin-to-skin—and his large palm resting low on my stomach, protective over the space that will grow as our child does, I know I feel it down to my bones, that full feeling of being complete inside me tipping over the edge even more.

This, this moment right here, makes every single second that it took for us to get here worth it. We’re building our forever now, and there isn’t a damn thing that could take this from us.

I’ve got everything.

And it’s freaking beautiful.

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