Kiss an Angel(160)

By: Susan Elizabeth Phillips

“I now pronounce you husband and wife.”

Daisy and Alex looked at each other, and for a minute it was like they’d forgotten anybody else was around. Finally Alex remembered it was time for the kiss part, and he really laid one on her. Heather couldn’t tell for sure if he was frenching her, but she wouldn’t have been surprised. While they kissed, Tater dusted both of them with hay, just as if he thought the stuff was rice.

Everybody started to laugh, except for Sheba, who was still watching Sinjun.

Daisy let Sinjun’s ribbon leash drop from her wrist. Then she made this funny whooping sound and threw her arms around Alex’s neck. Alex picked her up and twirled her, but he held her real careful so he didn’t hurt the baby or anything.

When he was done spinning her, he kissed her again. “I’ve got the best Markov woman of them all.”

Daisy got this real saucy look on her face that even Heather thought was pretty cute. “And I’ve got the best Markov man.”

They were acting so silly that Heather started being embarrassed for both of them, except that she was kind of crying, too, because she liked happy endings.

Then she realized it wasn’t an ending at all. As she gazed around at all these people she loved, she knew that everybody here was just getting started.


A number of generous people helped with the research for Kiss An Angel. I am especially grateful to my mother, Lou Titus, who worked so hard on the initial background material. Also, the reference librarians at Nichols Library always manage to come through for me, as does Linda Barlow. Additional thanks to Kacy Frazier, the staff at Brookfield Zoo, David Morgan, and the World Circus Museum for answering my questions.

My special appreciation goes to Jill Barnett, whose thoughtful critique of this book rescued me from craziness. And my editor, Carrie Feron, who has given me the best gift a writer can receive: the peace of mind to write.

Susan Elizabeth Phillips

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