Like a Memory(77)

By: Abbi Glines

“Don’t apologize. I have two younger sisters and I get it. I may have to try that shot gun move with one of their dates.”

The oldest one tried to hid his grin but he failed.

“Go put the gun up and y’all help me get the table set,” Eva ordered and no one questioned her. The youngest started to act like he didn’t hear her and kept his head down looking at his phone.

Cage cleared his throat and the boys head jerked up. Looked at his dad and was out of his seat immediately.

“I like them,” I told her under my breath.

“They aren’t normally insane.”

“They love you.”

She smiled then. That smile that made her face light up. It curled just slightly and her eyes would shine with pleasure. “Yeah they do.”

“Maybe we could just get boys. No girls so I don’t have to do this one day,” I suggested.

She laughed then and shook her head. “No way. I grew up with all these boys. I want a girl too.”

I would let her get five girls if it made her happy. “Okay fine you win.”

“They’re whispering and grinning all silly like. Makes me want to vomit,” Clay said as he put glasses of ice on the table.

“Shut your stupid mouth,” Cruz said glaring at his brother.

“That’s enough. We have company please don’t embarrass your sister she may never bring him back,” her mother said.

“You hunt?” Cage asked me.

“No sir.” I hoped that didn’t mean I was out before I even got a chance to get in.

“Good. Me either.”

I glanced down at Bliss who was smiling at her father. Maybe a girl wouldn’t be so bad after all. Sisters were pains in the ass. But a daughter would be different.

“You surf?” Cage then asked.

“Yes sir.”

“I like him,” he declared. “Have a seat boy. Tell me about yourself.”

“Daddy, be nice.”

“Hell, Bliss. I’m being nice. It was your crazy ass brother who brought out your granddad’s shotgun. Not me.”

“I was cleaning it,” Cruz interjected.

“Sure you were boy. Sure you were,” Cage said with an amused smirk. “Boys love their sister. So you got two sisters huh? What about your parents? Married? Divorced? Lesbians?”

“Jesus, Daddy!”

“CAGE!” Bliss and her mother both reacted at once.

“I’m just asking. If he’s parents are lesbians then I don’t care. Hell he can have two dads for all I care. I’m just being friendly getting to know the boy.”

I liked this man. My dad would too.

“I have a mom and a dad. Still married. And the two sisters.”

He nodded. “Know any lesbians?”

“God help me,” Eva said as she sat food down at the table.

“As a matter of fact I do,” I replied.

He nodded. “What about STD’s? You got any of them?”

I laughed. Couldn’t help it this time. The man was great.

“Daddy I swear I am about to take him and leave.”

Cage held up both hands. “Okay. Okay, fine. I’ll stop asking him questions.”

“Thank you,” Bliss and Eva said in unison.

“Damn I was hoping he was going to ask more about the lesbians,” Cord said.

Bliss picked up a roll from the table and threw it at his head.

Sitting back in my seat I looked over at her and smiled. I liked it here. Her family. They were a lot like mine. I could see why she was the person she was today. I’d ask her to marry me soon. Because I couldn’t wait much longer. I wanted all this with her. The works. Every complicated beautiful moment of it.

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