Lily's Mistake(10)

By: Pamela Ann

The elevator ride is, well, quiet. There’s an uncomfortable silence, the easy feel kind, but crackling with tension, unsaid words and vehement intensity. I’m beginning to wonder if it’s a wise idea to have agreed to have lunch with him.

In different circumstances, this would’ve been a given─doing a favor for a close family friend─working for him so he’s taking that person to lunch, it would be considered normal, but things between us aren’t normal and it’s tiresome to pretend that it is.

The tension between us is incredibly palpable.

“My car is through here.” Drake points at the entrance door. Of course, he won’t be parking his car in the employee parking garage like the rest of us. His car is situated and parked conveniently up front.

“Swanky ride,” I comment when he fishes out his keys and unlocks the doors to his silver Maserati.

“Thanks,” Drake mumbles as he holds the door open and I swiftly slide onto the black leather seat. I pull the seatbelt and buckle myself in, cringing when I get a whiff of something feminine; a faint smell of perfume lingering on the black strappy belt. Is it Shannon’s fragrance? Ugh!

When Drake finally rounds around the car, slides inside and starts the engine, my heart speeds up along with the speedometer. Good Lord, this man drives like he’s racing in a Formula1.

“Will you calm it down a bit, Drake? I’d love to arrive at our destination in one piece.”

“Anything for my Little One,” he responds with endearment. Little One? He used to call me that and it would irk me like nothing else when we were younger, but once he told me why, I stopped getting upset about it. Drake felt I needed protection from all the bad things in life. Little One, weird much?

Drake quickly glances at me and for the very first time today, he smiles.

God, that smile… it used to make my stomach nosedive and silly little butterflies would flutter about. I may not be naïve and love-struck anymore, but it still does something to me. His killer smile accompanied with those gleaming, wicked eyes, it’s a sight to behold. For a second—only for a second—I’m momentarily entranced.

My shrilling phone brings me out of my guileless, idiotic trance, though. I answer the call without glancing at the caller ID.


“Miss Lily!” Jared drawls on the other end.

I smile at the sound of his voice. “Hey, hey!”

Jared chuckles. “What are your plans tonight? I want to take you out.”

“Certainly, pick me up around six-thirtyish?” I happily reply to his question. Jared’s a sweetheart. I’m really hoping this will turn into something good, something profound. So far, he’s been passing with flying colors. Not only is he good with his oral skills, he makes the best pancakes. Breakfast in bed is his thing and he spoils me rotten. After a quick goodbye, we end the call.

“Boyfriend?” Drake asks in a deadly tone. He’s gripping the steering wheel a little tighter as he rubs it back and forth.

“He’s getting there, yes.”

“Hope said you don’t have a boyfriend. When did this occur?” Drake asks in gritted tone.

“You talk to my mother about my love life?” I screech; a little bothered that he asks about me and my love life to my mother.

“Well, yeah. I do remember you exist, you know? Not like some other people I know,” he shoots back.

You have got to be kidding me! We are not going there again. We keep going in circles and it’s making me dizzy.

“Whatever. It doesn’t matter.” I shrug with pure indifference.

He grunts, but doesn’t say much else for the rest of the car ride to the restaurant. I’m honestly fine with that, so it’s a quiet until we arrive and are seated at his chosen destination.


8 Years Ago…

Playa del Carmen, México

I look at Lily’s determined face. “OKAY—if this is what you want, then meet me on the veranda in fifteen minutes. Go get ready because there will be no backing out once you come to me. Think it through, okay?”

Lily merely smiles at me before she leaves. “No need, Drake. I’ll be back in fifteen minutes.”

I don’t know exactly why I even offered, but what I do know is that I can’t fathom another man touching her… let alone having Lily give up her innocence to some random guy. When she came up to me during New Year’s Eve, blatantly offering that innocent body of hers, I wanted to succumb and devour her luscious lips on the spot; however, I stopped it before anything happened. You see, even if I found Lily sexy and beautiful, the minute my parents ever find out about us like that, wedding bells will start ringing in my ears and I sure as hell did not want that. Not at all.

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