Lily's Mistake(3)

By: Pamela Ann

I bite my lip and start to walk towards the kitchen when Drake speaks, “You’re going alone to a beach party tonight?”

Oh, now he’s talking to me? “No. I have a date. In fact, he’s picking me at four, so that leaves me another hour,” I announce over my shoulder and continue walking towards the kitchen.

I get a mango from the fruit bowl on the granite kitchen counter and grab a knife when Drake joins me, sitting on the counter next to the chopping board.

“Who’s your date?” I can feel his eyes following me.

Why the sudden concern?

Peeling off the mango skin with quick ease, I immediately chop it in half before I respond, “His name’s Ricardo, why?”

“I don’t want you going on dates, Lil. You’re too innocent for those things.” He takes a piece of mango and pops it into his lush mouth.

My eyes are glued to his pink lips. His Adam’s apple bobs and I begin to study his masculine neck. Everything about him is completely masculine, truly sexy. And that hot, handsome face, where do I begin with that? I want him so bad, but he never notices me that way. I guess I’m not pretty or sexy enough for him.

Well, I’m tired of waiting for him to come to his senses, anyway.

Yeah, I’ve been waiting! It’s obvious to anyone with eyes that I adore and love Drake. I’ve declined each guy who asked me out all through high school because there was never a doubt in my mind that I’ll only ever want Drake. To me, no one else comes close. I even had enough balls to throw myself at him during New Year’s Eve, but he pushed me off.

“Stop drinking, Lily. Being a slut doesn’t suit you.” Said by the very man, himself, when he rejected me.

Too bad! Tonight, I will let loose.

Tonight, I’m finally getting rid of my virginity; thank you very much. The chosen man is the hot Brazilian, Ricardo Belmonte!

I shrug. “Not for long, I won’t!” I saunter in my hot pink, bikini clad body towards the open patio doors, sit on one of the cushioned loungers and enjoy the view with my mangoes.

“Hold on, Lily. You can’t be serious, right? You barely know this Ricardo dude! You can’t just do that!” Drake sits across from me only wearing his surfer shorts.

He doesn’t even bother checking out my almost naked body. See what I mean? He’s immune to me. I shrug, hurt. Whatever, life moves on.

I try to train my eyes away from those perfect washboard abs and those metallic grey eyes. Why does he have to be so fucking hot??? His dirty blonde hair even has that sexy out-of-the-bed look. I guess it’s just my luck that I had to grow up with the most handsome guy I have ever laid eyes on. A guy who doesn’t clearly feel the same about me, but I’ve decided to start living. Eighteen is the start of self-discovery and I plan to do just that.

“Whatever, Drake. Is that all?” I take a bite from a mango slice and lick my fingers. I love me some mangoes, I think happily.

“No, it’s not ALL. It’s a stupid idea, Lil. You’re not stupid, so don’t do stupid things that you will soon regret.”

I sit up from the lounger and face him. “You’re one to talk! What’s your problem anyway? Now you’re talking to me? You think I haven’t noticed how you’ve tried to ignore me the entire time we’ve been here? I’m not an idiot, Drake. I told you I was sorry about what happened during New Year’s, but for some reason, you still feel weird about it.” I screech. When I glance at him, his eyes are on my breasts, but he immediately drags them away and stares at the sea instead. Sigh.

“This is not about New Year’s, Lil. You know what? Do whatever you want!” He sounds angry as he gets up, leaving for the beach. His well sculpted back and bottom are even gorgeous!

Great! I really need to get over it!

It’s high time Drake Tatum moves out of my mind and hopefully out of my heart.

“You look very beautiful, Lily, mi belleza!” Ricardo purrs. We are at the restaurant we agreed to meet up at. The party is close by and he wants us to grab something to eat before partying it up.

“Gracias, Ricardo.” I kiss his tanned cheek. He leads us inside the restaurant where we are immediately escorted by the hostess to a table overlooking the breathtakingly beautiful Caribbean Sea.

I don’t consider myself in the ‘knockout’ department, but some guys find me appealing. I’m five-seven, have long, dark brown hair, amber/hazel eyes, but I’m quite lacking in the breast department with my B-cups. The only redeemable asset I have is my perky bottom. My lithe, toned body is thanks to my night time swim routine and my dedication to Pilates.

We hit the beach party right around six and the sun is setting beautifully in the backdrop. Spanish raggaeton music is blaring loud on the speakers. I have already had two strawberry margaritas and am loving the carefree beach ambiance.

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