Lily's Mistake(5)

By: Pamela Ann


Drake shows me the world that night as he takes me underneath the stars on the patio bed.

The next day I realize that world has two sides. One world of ceaseless ecstasy and one full of crumbled, guttered and wretched pain from having your love thrown back at you.

Yes, Drake Tatum irrevocably broke my heart and I will never, ever forget it.

“I will be upstairs, Dear,” Patricia Tatum says.

It’s a quarter before nine and she is being kind enough to guide me on my first day of work in Tatum Worldwide, Inc. I suppose she needed to make sure that I will really go through with her plans.

“Okay, I’m coming into the parking lot now. Be up soon,” I respond before cutting off the call.

I’m a nervous wreck. I’ve been up since five this morning and already had two cups of coffee. I skipped on breakfast because I didn’t think I could keep anything down, but who could blame me? I haven’t seen Drake in eight years—eight long years after that fiasco in Mexico. I did wait around for him, even going overboard by trying to visit him at Colombia, but he emailed me stating that he was with someone and wouldn’t appreciate my intrusion. After his rebuff, I finally realized what little I meant to him; if I ever meant anything to him at all.

I’m dressed in a fitted black skirt suit and my favorite black pumps. I need to look professional and still pull-off the slick and sexy look. Heck, yes! Given the circumstances, I will not go in there looking drab and dowdy, my pride won’t allow it.

Once inside the large marbled building, I immediately seek the reception desk. They have already been informed about me and have my security pass ready.

I smirk when I see my picture was actually taken two years ago. I’m sure she got that from my mother. Patricia Tatum really is adamant about booting the woman in her son’s life. I guess the mother-in-laws really are the ones to watch out for, right?

Following what I’ve been instructed to do, I dart towards a separate private elevator. My security card is cleared for all levels; however, this elevator goes straight to the top floor. I’ve been informed that the top floor houses only Drake’s and Hugh’s offices.

As I step out, I can see that the offices are decorated in all glass and white walls; everything looks crisp and pristine. The black marbled floor is so shiny, I’m sure I could use it as a mirror.

“Miss Lily Alexander? Hello, I’m Suzy Summers, the floor receptionist.” A smiling petite blonde rushes towards me and holds out a hand.

“Hello, Suzy. How do you do?” I smile back, taking her outstretched hand and shaking it.

“I’m awesome. Mrs. Hugh is in Mr. Drake’s office. She’s been waiting for you. You can go through those large doors on the left and Mindy, his secretary, will be there to assist you further.” I graciously thank her and head towards the direction she gave me.

When I go through the doors, I’m surprised Mindy isn’t there. It’s a large room with two large desks and another reception area in the corner. Another set of heavy doors are located on the far end and I rush towards them. I gently knock and push it forward.

Patricia is sitting idly on the white couch, looking bored while drinking her morning coffee and eating a few pastries. She looks up when she sees me.

“Good morning, my dear.” She strides forward and gives me a tight motherly hug. “Thank you, again, for doing this favor for us.” Patricia holds my chin and smiles beautifully at me.

“No problem. It’s not like I can say no to my godmother and Hugh anyway.” I kiss her cheek, go to the couch and sit down.

The cute, bite-size pastries look delicious and I pick one out. Patricia heads over to prepare another cup of coffee.

I sigh when she hands it to me. “Thank you, Pat,” I murmur.

“Soooo,” Patricia says as she sits next to me, “Drake should be here soon, but I think I should be here just in case he rejects the idea and you two end up fighting.”

I guess we’re that predictable?

I nod as I take a sip of coffee. “Are you seeing anyone, Lil? Your mom says you aren’t, but a pretty young lady like you would have a busy schedule, right?” Patricia leans back and studies me.

After the demise of my close relationship with Drake, I eventually started to withdraw from being around his family, too. It’s just too hard and it’s easier to ignore everyone that is related to him. It’s childish, I know, but it is the best I can do and eight years on, it’s a habit I can’t break. Although I see them once every few months, I avoid any parties and events that Drake attends. I guess I’m now realizing it’s time to bury the hatchet and move on. I can’t hold a grudge forever, now can I?

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