Lily's Mistake(57)

By: Pamela Ann

Only five hours ago, we said our vows amongst our friends and family in a small Chapel in Santa Monica. I belonged with Lily, and she with me. Each time I remember how it felt to lose her the second time, I admit, it still gripped me with a great sense of loss of death. It really felt that way when she wouldn’t take me back. There was no room for another colossal mistake. I was given another chance at life, and I was going to spend the rest of it showing and loving the woman who had me from the start.

“I love being married to you,” Lily says as she kisses the healing scar on my chest.

“You have no idea how much I love being your husband, woman.” I roll her onto her back and hover above her, gazing down at the most beautiful woman who held my heart captive. She simply gives me a smile. A smile that shows me her unconditional love.

I know the accident brought everything into perspective. Though it was a scary situation to be that close at the death’s door, I couldn’t help but feel grateful that it happened because it brought us together. I love Lily with everything that I am and all that I could ever be, as a man, a lover, a husband, and hopefully a father, later on.

During our flight, we agreed and decided that it was best to wait a year or two before we try to have a baby. To this day, each time we brought up the subject about our lost child, it still brought a violent ache in my chest. We both still feel the massive loss, but we take comfort at the thought that we will make one down the line. Since we are both an only child, I want four children.

Does she agree? I suppose you could say that a man needs to hone his negotiating skills more when it comes to his new wife. But right now, I am more than happy to settle and just enjoy us together. It seems that we are both eager to spend more time getting to know each other again. And let me just say that, it has been the best months of my life.

I roll to my side and start to kiss the swell of her breasts. She moans my name as I brush my hungry lips against her sensitive ear. “Stars, Babe. I want you to see those fucking stars.” I was not going to let up until she was bursting with millions of them when I take her through waves after waves of orgasms.

Married life, I was definitely driven to make ours perfect.

The End

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