Lily's Mistake(6)

By: Pamela Ann

“I actually just started dating someone. His name is Jared Johnson. Nothing serious, yet, we’re still in the ‘getting to know you’ stage. Why? Has mom said something?” Mom is always trying to set me up on dates. She feels like I should start working on her grandchild very soon. Seriously, I’m only twenty-six, what’s the rush?

“I was curious is all—” We are interrupted by the sudden opening of the door.

Drake comes in, dressed casually in a pair of rugged jeans and a white dress shirt with his sleeves rolled up. Wow, scruffy and very sexy indeed! I think with piqued interest. Time has only made him look better. Gone is the boyish look and in its place is definitely a man. A man with a dangerous appeal and tons of charisma.

“No, baby. I’m already at work—” He cuts off mid-sentence when he sees that he has visitors. With his eyes glued on me, he instantly cuts his call short. “Lemme call you back.”

Silver, glittering eyes penetrate me like laser beams. “Well, well, well. This is a nice surprise on a Monday morning, Mother, Lily. How may I assist you both?” He goes over to Patricia’s side and kisses her cheek.

Drake then sits on the chaise sofa opposite us; metallic eyes still glued on me. I should be intimidated by those gorgeous eyes and their intensity, but I’m simply not. In fact, it has the opposite effect. I feel revitalized and enlivened. Something shifts inside me. It’s something that I cannot pinpoint at this very moment, but I know it has a purpose.

Could it be closure? That I’m not the love struck, sick puppy to this man anymore? Quite possibly… it’s somewhere along the lines of that. It just has to be.

“I hired Lily as your new assistant. We were just catching up. How’s your morning, my dear son?” Patricia looks at Drake with an expression full of love and affection. It’s no secret how Hugh and Pat adore their only child. They wanted to have another baby, but Patricia couldn’t get pregnant anymore. I suppose, maybe, that’s why she dotes on me. Even if I don’t see her much, each week she will send muffins, flowers, chocolates or whatever else she can think of. She’s a sweetheart and loves me like her own daughter.

“I see. I actually requested HR to start interviewing for that position.” He leans over and gets himself a croissant. I notice how big and manly his hand is; it’s quite sexy.

Shit, do I have to associate sexy with him all the time? Get a grip, Lil!

“Oh, your father already took care of that the instant Lily agreed to work for you.” She places her coffee down on the mahogany table.

Drake momentarily stills. “I see.”

Does he really SEE?

He clears his throat and gets up. “I suppose that’s a done deal. You okay with that, Lil?” His silver eyes land on me, again.

I give him a cat-like smile. “Oh, yeah, I sure am.” Hell yeah, I am. I’m going to enjoy torturing the jackass. Bury the hatchet, my ass! I guess my evil side is starting to come out? I can really see myself having a little fun making his life a little difficult. Yes, that definitely sounds enticing.

“That’s lovely! It’s great to see you two in the same room again. It’s been a long time, hasn’t it? Since Mexico, I mean,” Patricia wonders.

Oh crapper, did she have to bring up that subject? What happened in Mexico with Drake was a mistake. Drake was a mistake.

“Uh-huh…” I respond, reaching for my coffee again. I need some kind of distraction.

Patricia stands up and gathers her purse. “Alright, children, I’ll leave you two to hash the details out. I have to get ready to meet your mother for our tennis match.” She kisses me, then Drake before striding out the door with gracious composure. She can be intimidating, especially when she’s all riled up, but Patricia is still a stunning woman.

With only the two of us in his office, it just starts to get awkward. Time to get moving, I think with enthusiasm.

“So, will you show me my office and we can go over the details of my job?” I look up to him innocently, quite ready to start working. This job is a great opportunity for me to meet new people and gain new connections. Maybe even meet a few guys along the way.

“You’re really serious about this? Mom didn’t force you to work for me? Maybe spy on me a little on the side?” Drake quirks up a brow.


I shrug. “Your mom said you needed an assistant. I needed a job.” It’s not technically a lie. I just danced around his questions a bit.


“Right.” Drake is still studying me like a specimen for some kind of exhibit.

I stand up and skim my hands over my skirt, smoothing out the invisible wrinkles. “Okay. Can we now get started?” I go to grab my purse; not wanting to talk to Drake any more than I have to.

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