By: Mariana Zapata

It was her agent's idea to keep her solely with the girl-on-girl scenes, and it's for that reason that Zoey was so popular. I figured it had something to do with men wanting what they can't have, but aren't all people like that? Even though she was only paid to be with other women, she didn't consider herself a lesbian or straight, she was just Zoey. That was enough for me.

When I first met her, it was the summer before I started college while we worked at a bookstore together. I was a refrigerator, she was a magnet, and we just clicked together over our love of reading. Every other friendship I'd had before ours seemed shallow in comparison after only a few short weeks. We seemed to understand and respect each other at a cellular level, and the fact that she happened to be the sweetest and happiest person I'd ever met, only added to my nearly instantaneous love for her. After my dad met her, he told me that she reminded him of my mom, endearing her to me that much more.

She had always dreamed of becoming a star, and for years I followed her from audition to audition for moral support. Zoey never got any roles she really wanted, unfortunately. So, when one of her other actor friends mentioned how much money he was making "fucking girls," an imaginary light bulb lit up in her head. She wasn't involved in any serious relationships and didn't have any issues with her body, so it was an easy choice for her. Based on the look on her face while she signed an autograph for a fan that approached her while we walked around, I didn't think she regretted her decision at all. She loved attention so this career was perfect.

"What time is your boyfriend signing autographs?" Nicole asked, referring to my own personal version of Calum Burro.

An image of short brown hair and a perfect penis floated around in my head for a second before I snapped out of it and flipped through the pamphlet for information. "At five, by the food vendors."

Nikki smirked and stopped at a booth with more glass dildos like the ones she had looked at when we first got to the convention. I swore she was a dildo connoisseur. "Are you going to cream your panties when you see him?"

"Probably. Did you have to change your underwear after you saw Calum?"

She shook her head, this time leaning closer to the dildos instead of holding them up to her face. "Nah. I didn't bother wearing any," the blonde hussy cackled, while Zoey and I laughed.

"I was wondering what that stain on the back of your pants was," I said.

"That would explain why those people were pointing and laughing at you a second ago," Zoey chimed in.

"Fuck you both," Nicole hissed, but the smile on her face gave her away.

Zoey leaned into me, but kept her eye on Nikki, completely disregarding the masterpieces on the table. "I've always told you, you could make some extra money..."

Nikki just shrugged like usual when Zoey started mentioning doing porn. For all the shit-talking she does along with the amount of casual sex she's had, Nikki was extremely private and closed off around people she doesn't know. You get to know the bitch first; I think it was her test to see who she lets into her life. Hence, the reason why she only has three friends.

"Miss Star?" a small voice asked from behind.

Zoey spun around slowly on the balls of her feet and a big smile on her face to see a young, Asian guy standing there with his face flushed. "Hi darling," she cooed, going from the Zoey Quinn I knew who talked about her bowel movements like it was every one's business, to Zoey Star.

"Do you mind taking a picture with me?" he asked. I noticed that even the tips of his ears turned red, and I had to smile at the guy. "Please?"

"Of course!" she answered him, in a huskier voice than her natural one.

I really tried my best not to laugh at her because I knew that this was a part of her persona. The real Zoey, the one I've been friends with for years before she got that star tattooed on her hip, had a major crush on Joe Jonas, and farted in front of me on a regular basis.

Oh, the wonders of appearances.

Chapter 6

"I'm going to punch that bitch in the cunt," Nicole attempted to mumble, but her naturally loud voice was anything but subtle. Part of me also knows that she really doesn't give a shit who hears what she says.

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