By: Mariana Zapata


In the distant… but not too distant future

"Marry me."

It looked like her ears perked up at my words; her whole body tensed up and I thought she stopped breathing.

We were lying on the grass in the backyard. Yoda's two-hundred and twenty pound body was belly-up next to me with Kat on my other side.

"What... uh, what did you just say?" Her voice was high and squeaky.

"Marry me," I repeated, rolling onto my side to look at her.

Kat was on her back with her mouth wide open and her hair a mess of tangles around her head. Those dark brown eyes I'd gotten used to waking up to every morning were darting from me to a tree behind my head. She flushed pink and coughed. "Are you asking me? Or telling me?" she croaked.

"I'm telling you. Marry me."

She rolled to her side, propping her head up on her elbow. Her face was still pink but this time her eyes were a little glazed over. "I don't think that's the way it works."

I shrugged in response, smiling so much I knew my face would start hurting soon.

"I don't even get a please or anything?" she asked, trying her best not to smile but like typical Kat, she couldn't help it.

"Goldie, marry me. Please," I told her gently.

She threw her head back and laughed, pretty face going from pink to red. "Try again!"

I was snorting loudly at her response. There was no doubt that I loved her, who the hell else would ever make me redo my half-assed proposal?

"Katherine Berger?" I said, lowering my voice.

She batted her eyelashes at me, grinning. "Yes, Tristan King?" She said in an equally low voice that changed in pitch when she started giggling.

"I think I've loved you from the moment you called me a pussy," I said, earning a howl of laughter from Kat. She had tears in her eyes, but I wasn't sure if it was from laughing or from what I was telling her. "You mean more to me than all of my collectible Star Wars figurines times a billion—"

"Only a billion?"

I rolled over, tucking my knees under me so that I could sit up on them. Grabbing her face between my hands, I lowered my head while still chuckling. "Times infinity, my sweet little gold digger."

Kat was breathing hard, her warm eyes wide and shiny but she smiled wickedly. "Go on."

"I love you so much," I told her, kissing the tip of her nose. "Marry me." I kissed her again, pulling away far enough so I could see her face clearly when she responded. I dug blindly into my front pocket to pull out the ring I'd been carrying around for weeks. "Please?"

She scrambled up to her knees faster than I could've ever imagined, not even looking at the ring I was holding out toward her, when she tackled me. I grunted from the impact knocking the wind out of me, but all I could focus on was the look on her face. She was smiling hard, wiping away the tears from her face when she kissed me. Pulling her lips back just a centimeter, she breathed out her answer. "Yes. I will."

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About the author:

Mariana Zapata has enjoyed writing since she was a little girl. She lives in Texas with her two great danes and spends a lot of time reading.

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