Loki (The Highland Clan Book 1)(89)

By: Keira Montclair

“My thanks, Kenzie. I’ll just sit for a spell, if you do not mind.” He smiled at the group in front of him, then turned his attention back to Kenzie. “My, lad, but you’ve grown since I last saw you. They must have a fine cook here?”

Kenzie giggled and then froze, “Father, you must try one of Cook’s fruit tarts. They are the best ever.”

“You are happy here?”

Kenzie moved over and stood next to Loki, leaning in toward him. “Aye, I’m adopted now and I love my new clan.”

The group clustered around the fire, all switching their attention to the bairn in Loki’s hands.

Celestina returned with an ale for the priest and said, “Father, this is Loki’s son, our grandson and yours. He was newly born tonight.”

Loki relaxed now that he saw how accepting his parents were of the situation. “I’m glad you came, Father. I’d like to get to know you, and I’d like you to get to know your family better.”

Father Prestwick beamed. “I’d like that, as well. That’s a handsome babe you have in your arms there.”

Loki gazed at his sire, saw his mismatched eyes, and thought of his mother and all she’d suffered. How he wished he could remember more about her. At least now, he could get to know his father better. He also noticed that his son’s eyes were both blue.

Father Prestwick asked, “What have you named your bairn?”

Loki gave him a perplexed look. “We have not decided yet. I must go speak to Bella. Come with me, she would love to see you again, Father.”


Bella stepped cautiously, her hands on Maddie’s shoulder, making her way from the chair back to the changed bed.

“There you are,” Maddie said. “Do you not feel much better with a fresh gown on? We’ll get you back in bed so you can rest. What a fine son you have.”

“Many thanks, Lady Madeline.”

“Once we get you settled, I’ll get Loki to bring the bairn back up to you. Have you decided what you’d like to name him?”

Bella frowned as she thought back on all the names she and Loki had discussed. “We tried many times, but we just could not come up with the perfect name without having first seen the babe. Once he returns, we’ll discuss it.”

Once they had her in bed and covered with furs again, a knock sounded on the door. Loki entered carrying their bairn with Father Prestwick, Celestina, and Brodie trailing behind them. Caralyn motioned to Ashlyn and Maddie, and they all stepped out of the chamber to make room for the others.

“Good eve to you, my lady,” Father Prestwick said.

“Father? What a lovely surprise.” Bella glanced at her husband to see his reaction, but he seemed pleased. Brodie and Celestina both had genuine smiles on their faces, so she hoped Father Prestwick’s visit was acceptable to all.

“I apologize for the surprise at such a moment. I had no idea, but I confess that I am overjoyed to see the babe.”

Celestina pulled a stool out for him. “Father, please sit.” She sat in the chair next to him. “Bella, we’re all pleased to meet Father Prestwick, and he wished to give you his best wishes. I promise we will not tire you.”

“Aye, congratulations on your new bairn.” Brodie kissed her cheek.

“Father? Would you mind giving a wee blessing on our son?”

“Why, of course, lass. I’d be delighted.”

He took his place beside Loki and reached for the babe’s forehead, but then stopped. “What’s his name?”

He glanced at Loki, then at Bella, but neither spoke. Bella nodded at Loki, because she knew her husband and could see in his gaze that he had thought of the perfect name.

He leaned down to kiss her cheek, then gazed at the beautiful babe in his arms.

“Lucas. His name is Lucas.”


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