Lucky Kisses(10)

By: Addison Moore

“Shit.” He pinches his eyes shut a moment. “I grew up with Jet and Lucky. She’s a good kid. She’s had a tough time. Go easy on her, okay? Jet means well, but he’s clueless to what’s waiting for him. Lucky is growing up. This is just a last-ditch effort on his part to keep that from happening.”

“I’ll go easy on her.” Like a sledgehammer. Micropenis. I shake my head at the thought. “Don’t worry, man. She’s in good hands.” I inch back and lock my eyes over his. “Sort of like my sister is in good hands with you.” I exit the Black Bear before he can respond. In truth, I don’t want to think of his hands anywhere near my sister—who just so happens to ironically be his sister, too.

Something tells me I need to sleep this whole night off.

One cool G makes it that much easier.

The next few days drag by, and thankfully, I don’t see Lucky, with the exception of a brief encounter at Hallowed Grounds where she made a howling noise once she spotted me that sounded a lot like a defunct engine grinding to a halt. I shot out of that place like a bat out of the armpit of hell. There’s not a cup of coffee in the world I’ll ever need that bad. But, unfortunately for me, there’s an exclusive mixer this weekend that involves Kappa G. In retrospect, maybe joining a frat house wasn’t my brightest or my best move. Rush talked me into it just like he talked me into signing up for the community interaction project. And I only agreed to the latter because Rush is spearheading the community disaster this year, and he needed another warm body. My only request was to be kept far away from his bittersweet baby sister—who happens to be Jet’s rotten egg of a sister, too.

I head to the gym and hit the weight room. Knox is meeting me here. I’ve had him come by a few times just to kick back. It’s hard to get him to commit to anything these days. His girlfriend has him so pussy-whipped he can’t see straight. That’s the precise reason I have no intention on letting some chick pin me down. You won’t see me pussy-whipped now or ever. I like my freedom. And I happen to appreciate variety every now and again, too. But as for Knox, the gym is the only free moment that girl will give him. He’s apped to WB. He should know by spring if he gets in. The football coaches are looking at him as a prospect for fall, so I told him to hang out, get comfortable on campus. Apparently, his girlfriend didn’t have to app with him because she’s already here at Briggs. Too bad for Knox. As long as he’s with her, he won’t get to experience college life to the fullest. I really feel sorry for guys who head to school with a chain already dangling from their neck.

I spot Grant in the corner grunting away, getting ripped like he’s getting ready for the fight of his life. Grant has already had the fight of his life, and it involved his relationship with Ava. Even though they’re solid now, they had a pretty shit ride. Ava’s sister killed Grant’s sister years ago. Neither realized who they were until they were already sunk. But it worked out. It was painful as hell to watch, though. Another reason not to get saddled with just one chick. That gives her all the power to pull your balls through a strainer, and there’s not a thing you can do about it because your ass is whipped.

I watched my dad get his balls handed to him way back when my mother left. It was brutal. He sulked for years until he met Lynette, Rex’s mother. Ironically, it was my sister Scarlett who didn’t want that relationship to happen. Hell, none of us did. But for my dad’s sake, I’m glad it did. He deserves to be happy. I just wish he wouldn’t have settled down. If you ask me, he could have been just as content playing the field. What the hell did he need to get married for? To prove a point? What if she loses her mind like my mother did and takes off? What if she loses her mind like Lucky did the other night and makes him miserable? That was some serious psychotic shit.

A laugh comes to me unwarranted. I still can’t believe Jet gave me a cool grand to make sure all my frat brothers steer clear. Why anyone would voluntarily sign up for what Lucky has to offer is beyond me. I have a feeling this will be the easiest money I will ever make.

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