Lucky Kisses(84)

By: Addison Moore

“Whatever it is we’re doing, I’m glad to be doing it with you.”

“I’m glad, too.” She spins into me and gazes up with those cellophane eyes. “You make me a better person, Lawson.” Tears come, and she gives a few quick blinks. “You’re the reason I wake up with a smile on my face each and every morning.”

“That’s a coincidence.” A dirty grin twitches on my lips. “You’re the reason I wake up with a smile on my face.”

“That’s because you’re a pervert.” She gives me a light swat. “And that also happens to be one of the things I like about you most. But only when you get pervy with me.” Her hands glide down to the lip of my jeans. “Because I’m a little pervy myself.”

“Duly noted.” My hands glide to her jeans, and I slip my fingers down the back, one-upping her in the perv department. “I’ve got a capital idea.”

“I bet it’s a perfectly perverted capital idea.”

“You know me well. How about we ditch the stitches and hang out in the back of my truck. You know, counting stars.”

“Ditch the stitches?” She shakes her head. “You’re just full of little ill-versed innuendos, aren’t you? But—there are a lot of stars out here tonight.” Her fingers swim into my boxers until she hits pay dirt. “This could take some time. I’m very, very into exploratory astronomy—and anatomy.” Her hand wraps around me as she wrenches a deep guttural groan straight from my gut. “I think someone is about to get lucky.” Her brows rise an inch, and we both share a laugh. “But not before you show me that tat. I’m dying to know what it says, Kent.”

“All right, Madden, but only because you asked.” I carefully peel away the gauze strip Daisy secured over me and hold it out for Lucky to see. There it is, slightly swollen and a bit irritated, but just as beautiful as I knew it would be.

“In Love with Lucky,” she reads it slow and deliberate before gasping. “In Love with Lucky! Lawson!” Her voice breaks as she pounces over me with a tight embrace. Lucky in Love and In Love with Lucky. We make quite the pair.”

“We do. That’s because we’re a great pair—a forever kind of deal.”

“That we are.” She leans back and bears hard into my eyes, and just like that, our souls fuse over one another, an action that spells out forever far better than words can ever do.

I pull her into a kiss and lose myself as our hearts pound over one another with the strength and speed you need if you’re planning on cresting forever.

Together, we’re both lucky in love.

I’m in love with Lucky.

And I always will be.

And with this beautiful girl in my life—I’m the lucky one.

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