Lucky Kisses(9)

By: Addison Moore

“A month from now.” Scar tilts her head and inspects me slantways. “So, what’s new in your life?” She scours my features as if they were somehow letting her in on the unlucky situation I just endured.

“I’ve got a game this Friday. You should come. Call Sabrina. It’ll be nice to see a few familiar faces.”

“I wouldn’t miss it,” Scarlett is quick to answer. She and Sabrina have been getting along for the first time since as far back as I can remember, and it’s nice to have my sisters on the same page for once. Sabrina hit below the belt last year when she flat out stole Scarlett’s old boyfriend. But, as it turns out, I think Scarlett is a happier person now because of it. She found someone new. I glance to Rex and can’t even force a smile.

“I’ll see you guys later.”

A beefed-up dude with tats sitting next to Rex pops up and follows me over to the bar.

“Hey, man. Can I talk to you for a minute?”

I turn, surprised to see him speaking to me. I’ve seen him at the football games with his blonde girlfriend, beautiful, tits for days. He’s Rex’s childhood friend. They couldn’t look more from the opposite sides of the track if they tried.

“What’s up?” I’m curious where this might lead. A part of me wonders if he’s about to tell me to lay off Rex, and for that alone I dislike him just a little.

“I saw you talking to that brunette earlier. Yay high?” He cuts his hand down to his chest. “Big blue eyes.”

Rex pops up, curious to know what this is about himself, and I frown at the two of them.

“Lucky.” I groan at the thought of her.

“Yup, Lucky.” The tatted dude nods as if impressed I got it right. “She’s a good egg.”

“She’s an egg all right. A rotten egg,” I say that last part under my breath, and Rex’s eyes enlarge as if I’ve just put myself in mortal danger, and I might have.

“Good.” His brows burrow into a hard V. “I’m glad you think so. My name is Jet Madden, and I’m her big brother. And for starters, I’d like for you to stay the hell away from her—not physically, just in that sense.” Holy hell, he’s as deranged as she is. “In fact, I’d like for everyone with a dick to stay away from my little sister, and I’m willing to pump out a cool G to make sure that happens.” He plucks a wad of cash out of his pocket as I’m suddenly appreciating the crazy. “You in?”

“A thousand bucks to stay away from that—”

Rex shakes his head ever so slightly before I can round out the sentence with the word nutcase.

“That lucky girl to have you as her brother? You bet.” I take the green just as fast as Jet counts it out.

“Rules are”— he points his finger in my face until I’m forced to meet up with his terrifying eyes—“no guy is to have so much as a carnal thought about my little sister. I can’t be in those frat house parties with all the booze running loose, but you can. I’m counting on you to be my eyes and my ears. What’s your name, anyway?”


“Lawson.” He gives a dark laugh as he looks to Rex. “You and your preppy names.” He shifts his attention back to me and my preppy name. “All right, Lawson. You make sure all those tanked frat brothers of yours find someone else to point their dick at. Lucky Madden is off-limits to any and everyone, and I’m counting on you to make sure she stays as chaste and pure as the driven snow in that parking lot outside.”

“You bet, man.” I stuff the bills into my pocket before slapping him five and he storms off back to the blonde waiting for him at the table. I hate to break it to him, but the driven snow in that parking lot outside is covered with soot and exhaust from a worn-out world just like his not-so-sweet little sister.

Rex steps in with a ticked look on his face. “Why the hell did you sign up for that crap?”

“It’s not crap. Trust me, the male population needs just as much protection from her psychotic clutches than her roided-out brother thinks she needs against them. The chick is certifiable.”

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