Mr. President:A Billionaire & Virgin Fake Fiance Romance(10)

By: Alexis Angel

Well, let’s have some fun then.



The moment I rest my hand over Austin’s crotch and curl my fingers around his cock, it’s as if something snaps in his mind.

He closes the distance between both of our bodies and places one hand on the nape of my neck; tangling his fingers in my hair, he looks me straight in the eyes and smiles. Not a grin, but a smile. Then he leans into me slowly, and I find my eyelids drooping by instinct. Our lips make contact a heartbeat later and, right then, I know that I made the right choice by surrendering to the lust fluttering inside of me.

Parting my lips, I slide my tongue inside his mouth and flick it against his, kissing him with a passion so fierce and violent that it makes me afraid. He holds my head as we kiss, his fingers turned into claws as he grabs me by the hair.

“Delicious … just like I thought,” he whispers as he pulls back from me, that sweet smile of his still dancing on his lips. “I’ve been dying to taste your lips.”

“What else have you been dying to taste?” I ask him, deviousness making my heart race faster. Still with my fingers on his cock, I flatten the palm of my hand against his pulsing member and apply some pressure there, enjoying the way an expression of pleasure washes over his face.

“I can ask the same thing, you know?” he shoots right back at me, placing one hand on my naked knee and sliding it up until his fingertips are brushing against the hemline of my dress. Reacting by instinct, I part my legs slightly, and he doesn’t hesitate; he runs his fingers up my leg, only stopping when he has them brushing against my inner thigh.

“Maybe I don’t want to taste anything,” I reply with a purr, but the way his smile turns into a grin lets me know that he isn’t buying my lies. And, really, what I just told him is a lie because right or wrong, I’m dying to see how he looks under his suit and, yes, I’m also dying to feel the taste of his cock.

“We’ll see about that,” he whispers softly, once again leaning into me and brushing his lips against mine. At the same time, his fingers run up my inner thigh, crossing the remaining few inches separating them from my wet pussy. I feel a shiver climbing up my spine the moment I feel his touch on my thong, and that shiver turns into an electric firestorm the moment he flattens his hand against my wetness.

Applying exactly the right amount of pressure, he draws a moan out of me as I lean back against the seat, throwing my head back against the headrest and closing my eyes.

I let go of his cock and take both my hands to his face. Holding him, I open my eyes and lock them on his; this time I’m the one closing the distance between our mouths, my lips looking for his with a burning need. We kiss in abandonment, savoring the taste of each other’s mouth while, at the same time, Austin presses harder against my pussy. Moving his hand up and down, left and right, he hits all the right spots, leaving me wanting more… So much more.

“You’re pretty excited for someone who was playing hard to get,” he says with a grin, taking his mouth to my ear while he presses his hand so hard against my pussy that I can’t help but let out another moan.

“You’re one to speak,” I chuckle, darting my hand to his crotch and laying it on his cock. I curl my fingers around the thick shape tenting his pants and, without a moment’s hesitation, I grip his cock tightly. “You want this much more than I do,” I tease him, moving my hand over his cock much in the same way he’s doing it to my pussy.

“Maybe,” he simply says, sitting up straight on his seat. Moving fast, he takes his hand off of my pussy and grabs me by the wrist; he pulls me up and into him then, and I sit on his lap willingly. I’m straddling, my knees on either side of his thighs, and there’s a fire burning deep inside my belly.

Biting down on my lower lip, I buck my hips at him and press my crotch against his. The hemline of my dress hikes up to my waist as I do it, and I throw my head back as I feel his thickness pressed against the drenched fabric of my thong. Throwing my arms over his shoulders, I start swaying my hips as I build a rhythm, teasing and stroking him with just my crotch.

I do it for God knows how long, my body driven by deep lust and desire, and it doesn’t take long for Austin to try and match my rhythm. He bucks his hips up at me as I move, pressing his thick cock against my pussy so hard that I can’t help but want more.

“You’re so much more than just eye candy, aren’t you, Ashley?” he asks me, his voice heavy with anticipation.

“Took you this long to figure that out, Mr. President? I thought you had to be smart in order to be President,” I tease him, getting out from on top of him and sitting by his side again. This time I lean back against the door, placing my heels on top of the leather seat and spreading my legs; I pull my dress up to my waist, offering him a nice view of my La Perla black lace thong.

“Better late than sorry…” he whispers, his eyes widening as he lowers his gaze and focuses on my wet thong. He remains frozen in place for a few seconds, taking in the sight, and I can almost feel the pressure inside the limo growing and growing.

When he finally comes for me, he places both his hands on my ankles and, moving slowly, slides them up to my knees. From there, he cuts inward and moves toward my inner thighs, his fingertips once more brushing against my drenched thong. Without taking his eyes off mine, he lets a devious grin take over his lips and then flicks my thong to the side; he runs the tip of his index finger up the length of my wet pussy and then, taking his hand from between my thighs, raises it toward his mouth.

Brushing his fingertip over his mouth, I hold my breath as I see him spreading my fluids over his lips. “Delicious,” he whispers softly, and my heart almost bursts at that. Just from this small action, I can tell that Austin knows what he’s doing when it comes to women. Not only does he know how to be dirty, he enjoys it. And I like that … I like that very much.

“Delicious, and here for you to enjoy,” I whisper back at him and, without bothering to offer me a reply, he takes his hand back to my pussy. Running his index finger along the length of my pussy once more, he taps it over my clit a few times and, each time he does it, it’s as if the unseen forces of desire are hammering my mind. Moving unconsciously, I sway my hips again, eager to feel him inside of me.

And that’s exactly what he does.

Moving fast, he curls his finger upward and slides it past my pussy lips, moving it all the way in and only stopping when his fingertip is firmly pressed against my G-spot. See what I told you? When most men don’t even know where the clit is, Austin found the way to my G-spot on his first try.

“Now, let’s see if your moans are as delicious as your pussy,” he says, flicking his wrist and sliding his finger in and out of me. He does it slowly, but there’s a crescendo to the way he’s fingering me. Almost as if I can’t resist his words, a string of moans start falling from my parted lips, the sound of my voice filling the whole limo. Thank God the car is a wonder of modern technology, built with both security and privacy in mind, both the inner and outer walls are all soundproof, and that means that the driver can’t hear a sound of what’s happening.

God bless the Presidency and its luxuries.

“One more.” I hear his voice, but I don’t even register the meaning behind his words; I only realize what he has just said when he slides one more finger inside me, stretching my pussy wide as he fingers me. The wet sound of his fingers going in and out of my pussy blanket all of my thoughts and, for an instant, it’s as if my brain has shut down.

Austin doesn’t wait any time and, taking the chance, he drives me even crazier. Lowering his thumb over my clit, he starts stroking it while his fingers keep on ravaging my pussy, his hand moving back and forth with the expertise of a man who knows exactly what he’s doing.

“This is just a taste, Ashley,” he whispers, placing one knee up on the seat. Then, he leans forward, his body occupying the space between my spread legs. Now on top of me, still pumping his fingers into my pussy, he crushes his mouth against mine and kisses me as if the world’s going to end in the next five to 10 minutes.

Oh, fuck, I think to myself as I feel my inner walls closing in around Austin’s fingers. Realizing it, he doubles down instead of slowing down; sliding one more finger inside of my aching pussy, he starts ravaging it with unbridled fury.

I can’t even think straight right now. All my thoughts are scattered inside my mind, like dried leaves tossed up in the air by an Autumn breeze, and my body seems to be burning from the inside out. Grabbing at Austin’s hair, I arch my back and prepare for the inevitable explosion.

When it finally hits, it hits in full force. My nerve endings, every single one of them, seem to be on fire, and even my brain feels as if it’s about to melt inside my skull. Austin stops fingering me as I start to come but, instead of taking his hand out of my pussy, he keeps pressing down on my clit and G-spot at the same time, the pressure of his fingers amplifying all the pleasure raging through me.

“Oh, God,” I finally breath out, my lungs working overtime to get the air in. I’m breathing this hard and he has just used his fingers. Sweet God, what else can he do?

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