Mrs. Perfect(145)

By: Jane Porter

My heart’s thumping, and it has less to do with the first-class tickets than Nathan’s happiness. I love this man. “Yes.”

“We’ll look at neighborhoods, check out schools, meet some of the Hal-Perrin executives, their wives and families. Most are Australian, although they’ve got a couple of engineers from India and some marketing people from London and Auckland. But there’s no pressure, Taylor, none at all. If this isn’t the right job, another one will come along.”

“I promise to go with an open mind.”

He leans across the table, kisses me. “I love your mind. And your courage.” He kisses me again. “And your creativity.” He gives me one last kiss, a slow, lingering kiss. “Not to mention your very sexy body.”

I grin at him. He’s given my body some very nice attention this trip.

Not that I wouldn’t like some more.

“Do you think anyone will notice if we sneak out? Head up to our room?” he asks huskily.

I look up, glance around, catch Marta’s eye. She and Luke have just returned from more photos, and Marta’s smiling at me.

“No,” I answer, gathering my small silver clutch. “Let’s sneak out while we can.”

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