My Angel (Bewitched and Bewildered Book 9)(10)

By: Alanea Alder

"I look forward to meeting her. Please show us the way," she smiled at him apologizing again with her eyes.

His icy demeanor thawed a bit. "Of course. If you would follow me." He walked them over to a large hole in the floor.

She blinked. "The transport tunnel."

Sulis nodded. "Heard of it have you? It's very handy if you can fly, very inconvenient if you can't." He extended his forearm again for Hal.

When they arrived one the lower level, she instinctively turned right.

"Dr. Mercy, this way," Sulis called out pointing to the left.

She shook her head. "Sorry." She followed him to a door and waited while he knocked. Moments later, a polished, handsome man opened the door and smiled at them. "Just in time for dinner."

"I'll take my leave here. Good luck," Sulis said, then waved goodbye.

"Please come in, everyone has been expecting you. My name is Sebastian Hearthstone. I am the squire for House Rioux." He opened the door wide for them to enter.

"Come in said the spider to the fly," Hal whispered.

She elbowed him in the stomach and was satisfied at his surprised grunt. She winked at Sebastian, who winked back.

"Don't mind him, his blood sugar is low. My name is Dr. Vivian Mercy, and this is my squire Halbjorn Bergson."

"It is a pleasure to meet you both. Both Ellie and our Broderick have had nothing but wonderful things to say about you. I will show you to the dining room. Prince Magnus and Meryn returned only minutes before you arrived. If you hand me your bags, I will take them to our guest quarters," Sebastian held out his arms.

"We're staying here? On Level One?" Hal asked incredulously.

Sebastian looked at them confusion on his face. "Of course. The lab is on this level, it will make it that much easier for updates, meetings, and meals."

"I'll take our bags if you show the way," Hal offered.

Sebastian inclined his head. "As you wish."

Sebastian walked them down a long hallway off from the main room. "These quarters have recently been expanded thanks to two of our local witches. I think the two-bedroom suite will be perfect for you. They included a kitchenette and a small family room. It is quite cozy." He stopped and opened the door. "Here we are."

Hal stepped in first and looked around. "Nice." Without saying anything else he took her backpack along with the suitcases and went in to put them away in their rooms.

"A man a few words?" Sebastian asked.

"Not when you get to know him," she answered.

When Hal returned Sebastian escorted them back toward the main room. When he opened a large set of doors, Vivi fought the urge to turn around and run. Over twenty people sat at a huge banquet style table. Everyone stopped their conversations and turned to them.

"Vivi!" a voice called out before she was nearly plowed over by her friend.

"Hey EllieBean, I heard you got mated. Forget to go over that little detail?" She crossed her arms and gave her friend the stink eye.

Ellie blushed. "I wanted to wait until you were here." She turned and rushed back to the table to scoop up a small toddler out of a dark-haired man's arms. "This is Benji, my son."

Vivi felt her mouth drop. "Son!"

Ellie thrust the child in her arms. "Grant and I were able to adopt him. Isn't he perfect!" she gushed.

Vivi stared down into two unblinking brown eyes. She felt a piece of her heart melt away. "Well aren't you the cutest little spawn."

Ellie smacked her arm. "Don't call him spawn."

"She's right Vivi. This little guy is too cute to be called spawn," her squire chastised her.

"Hal!" Ellie hugged the large squire who in turn leaned down and kissed her forehead. A low ominous growl echoed throughout the room. Hal's head came up, and he scanned the table. "Your mate I take it?"

Ellie beamed up at him. "Isn't he wonderful?"

"If he's that protective of you, then absolutely." Hal stared at the man who was glaring at him. "Well pup, stand up and let me see you."

The man stood and stalked over to them. He pushed Ellie behind him and snarled up at Hal. "I am not a pup."

Hal guffawed. "You are, but that's okay. A few more centuries and you'll be able to pull off that little growl."

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