My Angel (Bewitched and Bewildered Book 9)(2)

By: Alanea Alder

She giggled. "True. I will pass along your request first thing in the morning. Is that crazy little human well? I know the queen will ask about her."

"She is fine. It amazes me that Meryn has captured the interest of our queen."

"I'm not amazed, do you follow her on Facebook? She is an absolute nut! We all love reading her posts here at court."

Etain shook his head. He wondered if Meryn knew exactly how popular she was, but then again, knowing her, she probably wouldn't care.

"She's even crazier in person."

"Bring her to visit along with your mate. You're long overdue to return anyway."

It was on the tip of his tongue to promise, but he hesitated. If his gut feeling was right his mate would be arriving to help with the children's sickness. If that was the case, she'd be needed here to help treat the children.

"I will bring them as soon as I am able," he promised.

"Etain, brother, everything is all right isn't it?" she asked, sounding younger.

He forced himself to smile and lighten his voice. "Of course darling. If things were truly dire I would be calling the queen herself would I not?"

"No you wouldn't. Don't try to blow smoke up my bottom, I know you. You don't like ask for help, that's why I'm worried, because out of all of us, I know you feel I am the easiest to talk to. That's why I believe things are dire, you'd never ask for assistance otherwise."

He sighed. "When did you grow up?"

"While your huge ass was walking around that dark, horrible city," she retorted.

"I do not have a huge ass," he protested. He smiled when he heard her giggle.

"You know what I mean. I'm pretty tall but sparing with guards always makes me feel tiny."

Etain frowned. "Who have you been sparing with? Does the queen know?"

"Who do you think suggested the lessons?"

Etain rubbed between his brows. "Be careful." He knew he would be calling Ari Lionhart later to threaten his ability to reproduce if anything happened to his baby sister.


"Goodnight darling."

"Goodnight brother, may the gods bless your dreams." She blew him a kiss and hung up.

He set his phone down and brought the goblet to his lips.

If only the gods could bless his mate instead, maybe, then his nightmares would end.


"I am starting a religion."

Etain looked across the breakfast table and stared at the small human. He and Micah had been invited by the prince himself to take their meals on Level One going forward. It was easier to get everyone's briefings done while eating than to have multiple meetings later throughout the day.

Aiden's head snapped down to look at his mate. "No."

"My furries need guidance. And, I'm bored." She looked over to Gavriel. "You've been around a while. How do religions start?"

Aiden's expression became more panicked as he realized that his mate was serious. "Meryn, you cannot start a religion. It just isn't done."

She looked up at her mate. "Why not?"

"Because!" Aiden sputtered.

"I think I would be a great religion." She turned to Magnus. "Right?"

Magnus' lips twitched. "There are worse examples of both religions and religious leaders out there. I do believe you could do better than they."

Aiden shot the prince a dirty look before focusing his attention on his tiny mate. "You don't even update your Facebook regularly, how could you run a religion. What are you basing it on?" The Unit Commander sounded absolutely flustered.

Meryn tapped her chin. "Good point. Other regions have martyrs and shit and I don't feel like dying. They're also usually really smelly, and my stomach is finally settling down. I don't need to make myself sick with my own body odor."

Aiden relaxed a fraction. "See, there you go."

Gavriel chuckled. "These things usually evolve over time Meryn. I do not believe you can just announce it on social media."

"But I've worked out my first commandment already," she said brightening.

Eva's eyes were dancing as she leaned forward. "Do tell."

Aiden growled. "Don't encourage her."

The air around Meryn shimmered, and suddenly she was dressed in a black monk style robe and cowl. "Thou shalt not be a douchebag," she intoned in low monotone syllables.

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