My Angel (Bewitched and Bewildered Book 9)(3)

By: Alanea Alder

Across from each other, Colton and Declan folded their hands in front of their chests. "Amen," they said in unison.

Adriel frowned at the grinning duo. "These two should stay in different cities. I fear for Noctem Falls."

"Oh Holy One, your latte is ready," Ryuu said placing a tall cup in front of Meryn.

The hood was thrown back before the clothing shimmered to the sweats and tee shirt she had been wearing. "Yes!" She picked up the cup and inhaled reverently.

Kendrick smiled indulgently at Meryn amused by her wackiness. He then turned to Aiden. "She will need another guard. I am commandeering Law and the twins to work in the lab with me."

Meryn frowned. "My acolytes? Why?"

"Because they are twins and can run power between them, amplifying it like a battery. They will be needed," Kendrick informed her.

Etain cleared his throat. "I can watch over her."

Aiden look at him relived. "Are you sure?"

He nodded. "Of course. My queen holds her in high regard. It would be an honor to guard her."

"Perfect," Law said. "Kendrick told me that we would be delving into old magic. I don't know if I will ever have another opportunity to see it done."

"Does anyone have anything else to go over?" Kari asked looking up from her clipboard.

Meryn raised her hand and waved it. Kari smiled at her. "Go ahead Meryn."

"Y'all's iPads arrived yesterday with the shit ton of supplies that Marjoram strong armed that hospital into donating." She laughed. "I was there when she called, the directors were tripping over each other seeing who could be the most ingratiating because of that asshole who tried to kill Ellie. I could almost hear them genuflecting over the phone." She looked at Ellie. "Your gram is a serious badass."

Ellie grinned wickedly. "I know."

Meryn turned back to Kari. "I already set up the iPads and linked them to our network. They are ready to go." She looked behind her. "Ryuu?"

"I have them here denka." Ryuu lifted a small stack of silver tablets. He handed one to each person at the table. Etain frowned down at his. "What does this do?" he asked.

Meryn shrugged. "What doesn't it do? It can do lists, email, texts, FaceTime, video and audio recording, movies, music, books, internet browsing, lists, database records and more."

Adriel held his in his hands as if it were made of expensive, delicate crystal. "You said that it could also use a pen." He pulled out a ballpoint and went to write on the tablet.

"Stop!" Meryn screeched.

Adriel froze. "What?"

Ryuu handed him a thin white object. "I believe you are to use this."

Adriel frowned. "Where is the ink or lead?"

Kari shook her head. "I can show him Meryn. I use a tablet at work."

Meryn sat back. "Neanderthals I swear." She looked at her mate. "I added everyone to the same running contact list including email addresses."

Colton held up his tablet. "Meryn what is the app with the 'V' on it?"

"That's the Vanguard app I launched last year. I had Radek distribute it among his squad first. They forwarded it to every Vanguard they knew of with instructions to do the same. To register they have to meet up with another Vanguard squad for verification then both squads can proceed. Their personal information is then added to my database and I'm able to track them using a built in GPS feature on the app." She became thoughtful. "There aren't many of them."

Rheia smiled. "Of course there are. Radek said that there were multiple squads per state. Even if it was only one squad per state, that at least two-hundred and fifty men right there."

"Well, only eighty-five have registered," she said flatly.

The men around the table became quiet. Colton opened the app. "Why don't we have to register?"

"Because I know you're not feral. That was the whole point of the verification process." Her explanation did nothing to alleviate the mounting tension in the room.

Etain looked to Micah, Grant and Declan. They had many close friends among the Vanguard.

"I'm sure they're just off the grid," Colton said.

"Meryn why didn't you tell me about this?" Aiden asked scowling.

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