My Angel (Bewitched and Bewildered Book 9)(4)

By: Alanea Alder

She rolled her eyes. "Tell you what exactly? That your friends didn't want to sign up for my app?"

"Baby, based on what Darren Williams was able to tell you about the current list of Vanguard members, how many are missing?" Aiden asked.

Meryn fidgeted. "About one hundred. According to his latest list, there are thirty-seven Vanguard squads, which equals to one-hundred and eighty five members."

Aiden paled. "That can't be right."

Rheia set her fork down. "Does my brother know?"

Meryn nodded. "He said he would work on contacting anyone who is listed as 'unregistered'."

"Unregistered?" Declan asked.

She turned to him. "Those who have been invited to join but haven't followed up."

"Add that to our growing list of concerns," Magnus said, pointing to Kari's new iPad.

"What list?" Rex asked.

Magnus turned to Meryn. "What did you call it again?"

"The SGW list. 'Shit. Gone. Wonky'," she explained. "I moved a copy of that list to the iPads. It syncs among our group. So if someone adds something or solves a problem it updates for everyone."

Magnus nodded. "Yes, yes. Very apt name. Which reminds me," He turned to Kendrick. "Since the twins are reporting to you for the duration, can you have them check the city's refuse tubes? We have had multiple reports of slow or backed up drains. As you know, those two are some of the best earth witches we have."

Kendrick nodded. "I'll get them on it today."

Etain noticed that the prince looked more tired than normal. He had dark circles under his bloodshot eyes. "Sire, mayhap you could rest after breakfast?" he suggested.

Magnus shook his head. "Too much is being added to that damn list for me to rest."

"Don't make me call my grandmother down here," Ellie threatened.

Magnus smiled. "Her company would be welcome compared to what I have planned for my morning." He sat back. "I have meetings with the heads of the Founding Families today regarding the children. Speaking of which, were you able to call your friend?"

Ellie nodded. "Vivi? Yes, I called her this morning actually while feeding Benji. She said that she had to tie up a few loose ends, but she'd get here as soon as she could. Knowing her, that means this evening at the latest. I had barely gotten the words 'Shifter Virus' out when she started asking about the nearest portal."

Magnus' eyes softened at the mention of Grant's new son. "How our little gentleman?"

Ellie beamed. "He's teething, which means tons of drool and growling. Grant thinks it's adorable," she said teasing her mate.

Grant shrugged. "He is very fierce."

"Where is my godsson?" Adriel asked.

"My gram took over watching him during the day. The antivirals that Rheia and Anne brought have bought us some time. Adora along with her mate and son help us monitor the children during the day and we've been rotating unit warriors to stay with them at night." Ellie looked at Grant, who kissed her temple. "We don't want Benji at the hospital anymore," she admitted softly.

"Well duh, that's where the sick kids are," Meryn said breaking the awkward silence Ellie's confession created.

Ellie looked up surprised. "You don't think I'm being a hypocrite?"

Meryn just stared at her. "How? If you were working at a normal hospital, treating an outbreak among kids, no one would consider you a hypocrite for leaving your child at home. It's not your fault everything is cramped in this city. I swear you can't turn around here without stepping on someone's nuts."

Eva chuckled. "Especially when you're aiming for em."

Meryn shrugged. "He had it coming." She looked at Ellie. "If anyone has something smartass to say about Benji send em my way. I'm your bitch remember?"

Ellie broke out into a huge smile. "How could I forget?"

Aiden groaned. "You don't need to be offering to fight." He looked at Ellie. "Send them my way instead."

Ellie blushed. "Thank you, Commander."

He waved at hand at her. "Trust me, it would be a pleasure to educate some of these pompous windbags."

"Did that mouthy little troglodyte ever challenge you?" Kendrick asked.

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