My Angel (Bewitched and Bewildered Book 9)(6)

By: Alanea Alder

Bethy nodded. "Yes, Meryn."

"So, like these peeps are kinda like homebodies and don't get out much huh?"

Bethy shrugged. "I suppose."

"So, how do we know they aren't sick?" Meryn asked.

Etain felt his heart begin to race. He looked around the table to see varying degrees of horror on the faces of his closest friends.

Ellie, Rheia, Anne and Adriel stood quickly.

"Stop!" Kari shouted holding up her hand.

They turned to her, eyes wide.

"Running out of here with your hair on fire will not solve anything. Obviously if they are ill, they are not reporting it. If you all storm out of here panicked, we will have nothing but chaos on our hands."

Slowly, the four sat back down still looking a bit wild eyed.

Kari stood. "Let us instead have the normal level patrols done by the warriors go door to door for the next few days. We have not done a sweep in a while looking for our errant feral Augustus Pettier, let us use that as our explanation to speak with everyone."

Kendrick rubbed his chin as he stared at Meryn. "How is it that you somehow manage to see things we don't?"

Meryn shrugged and stared down into her latte. "My grandmother used to say that my defective brain focused on the wrong things."

Etain clenched his fists. More than once he had heard off comments about Meryn's grandmother, and none of them were good. Having gotten to know Meryn well over the past couple weeks he could only imagine how precocious she must have been as a child. She would have been a delight to know. It angered him that her upbringing had been anything but a happy one. Hearing the gasps around the table at her quiet comment he knew the others felt the same.

"You are not defective Meryn. You are extremely special and should be treasured as the rare mind you are. If I hear of anyone saying otherwise, they will have to face me," Magnus said his eyes darkening to a deep burgundy.

Meryn smiled shyly at his pronouncement while Aiden continued to rub his cheek against the top of her head. "So if I need a favor?" she started, a calculating look on her face.

Magnus smiled, his eyes returning to their normal color. "You have only to ask."

"Will you take me down to the vaults today? I'm kinda tired, so I was thinking we should just take it easy and have some fun," she suggested.

Beside Magnus, Bethy stilled as did Adriel. Etain knew the two of them along with Sebastian had been pushing Magnus to rest more. The prince was pale and looked exhausted. A day with Meryn might be just the thing to help him recoup.

Magnus became thoughtful. "I do not know Meryn, so much is happening. I have the meetings with the Founding Family members this morning." He strummed his fingers on the table. "I could have Sebastian escort you down so you could pick out your rewards."

Meryn hopped down off her mate's lap and trudged over to Magnus. She leaned over to rest her head on his shoulder. "Please," she asked simply.

"I could very easily go to those Founding Family meetings in your stead Uncle," Bethy offered.

Magnus' eyes went wide as he stared down at her spiky brown hair. His mouth opened and closed several times before he smiled gently. His arm came around so he could pat her on the head. "Of course dear, I will go with you."

Meryn's popped up, and she grinned at him. "Good because I don't know what you consider an heirloom. Plus half of it is probably stuff we don't use anymore. I don't want to pick out a golden bowl only to discover people used to shit in it or something."

Magnus stared, then burst into laughter. Wiping his eyes, he pulled her head down and kissed her forehead. "I will keep you from making such mistakes." Meryn blushed furiously.

Bethy met Meryn's eyes and mouthed, 'thank you!'.

Sebastian stepped up behind Meryn and ruffled her hair. "I will pack a huge lunch and soft duvets. You can make a day of it, the whole day in fact."

Magnus shook his head. "Surely not the whole day."

Sebastian pointed to Meryn. "You would not want to disappoint the little one would you?"

"Of course not."

Sebastian crossed his arms over his chest. "Then you both are to spend the entire day in the vault, relaxing and resting."

Magnus looked at his niece. "Thank you for taking over the meetings for me darling. Remember if they get too rambunctious to call me immediately."

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