My Angel (Bewitched and Bewildered Book 9)(7)

By: Alanea Alder

Bethy looked over at Kari grinning. "I think we can handle it Uncle." Kari nodded.

Etain hid a smile. It was clear who was really in charge on Level One.

Meryn rubbed her hands together as she walked to Aiden and climbed back into his lap. "Time to swim in the gold coins like in Duck Tales."

Etain smirked at Law who was scowling. "Too bad I'm her guard now. I bet you would have loved to see what our prince has in his vault."

"Shut up," Law groused.

"I'm not upset you're jealous," Kendrick said to Law. "Even I wouldn't mind seeing what the prince of the vampires has deemed precious enough to store in the family vault."

Meryn looked at the witches smugly. "I get to go. I even get pudding," she gloated.

Kendrick winked at her. "That's because you're so special."

Micah cleared his throat. "Adriel, with four new adult cases showing up at the hospital yesterday, would you like me to change out the rotations so that the shifters are doing patrols away from sickness? The witches, fae and vampire warriors can help on Level six," he suggested.

Adriel exchanged glances with Rheia and Ellie. They both nodded before Ellie spoke. "That might not be a bad idea. As Meryn pointed out just because we haven't seen any vampires coming forward as sick doesn't mean there aren't any. But we do know for a fact that shifters are susceptible. The last thing we need is for our warriors to get ill."

Grant turned to his mate. "I've been around the kids since day one and haven't gotten sick, in fact, none of the shifter warriors have."

"Let us not tempt Fate," Adriel said.

Grant scowled at his unit leader. "I'm staying with my mate."

"Of course you are," Adriel sighed. "Just be careful."

Grant rolled his eyes. "At this point, I have been covered in just about every type of bodily fluid a kid can produce, if I was gonna get sick I would have by now," he said jokingly.

Ellie turned to her mate slowly her eyes wide. "You're right. You've been exposed to everything from vomit to blood. Why aren't you sick?"

Grant looked surprised at her expression. "Because I eat my veggies?"

Declan laughed. "No you don't, you're a meat and potatoes kinda guy. Sometimes minus the potatoes."

Ellie frowned. "Why aren't you sick?" she demanded again.

Grant looked around to the others. "Do I apologize for this?"

"No, but this does make for an interesting morning in the lab," Kendrick mused.

"Grant as you have just admitted, you have already been exposed. You stay with Ellie and continue to help on Level Six. The other shifter warriors should be moved to patrols in the city. I do not want to take any chances with their health," Magnus ordered. He turned to Ellie. "When did you say your friend was arriving?"

Ellie smiled. "I bet you she is packing as we speak."


Vivian Mercy stared down at her cell phone and chewed on her lower lip. Eleanor Kimball had to be one of the best pediatricians in the world, so there was no doubt in her mind that when the doctor used the term 'Shifter Virus', that's what it was. The only problem was, they didn't exist.

Her seminar about updated lab procedures at the Center for Disease Control had just wrapped up, so she was between projects. There was a fae portal located outside of Atlanta, so she could head to Noctem Falls from there. She just had to convince her squire to tag along.

Why did it have to be Noctem Falls? Why in the hell was Ellie there? Why couldn't it have been Lycaonia?

"Motherfucker," she muttered.

"Vivian, language." A low voice rumbled.

Vivi smiled. If she had a dollar for every time her squire admonished her for cussing she could afford to send him on the vacation he obviously needed.

"You'll be cussing too when you hear what's going on." Vivi stood and walked out of her office, down the hallway to the small family room where her extremely large squire sat folding her underwear.

Not for the first time in her life she was struck by the contradiction that was her squire. For as long as she could remember Halbjorn Bergson had been at her side. As a child, she had always assumed they were related because they both had red hair, everyone in the human world assumed they were father and daughter. It never even dawned on her how unlikely that was since he was a shifter and she a vampire. Growing up she never questioned why a bear shifter squire was raising a vampire child, but once she was old enough to venture out into other paranormal communities, she began to notice exactly how different they were from others, and realized that their small family was an oddity.

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