My Angel (Bewitched and Bewildered Book 9)(9)

By: Alanea Alder

"My name is Dr. Vivian Mercy, and this is my squire, Halbjorn Bergson," Vivi said introducing them.

"Ellie is looking forward to your arrival. She and the other doctors have been working around the clock to figure this thing out."

"Ellie huh? Not Dr. Kimball?" she asked.

Sulis smiled. "Grant only makes Doc call her Dr. Kimball. The rest of us call her Ellie. She insisted."

"Who is Doc?" Hal asked.

"Dr. Nathaniel St.John, our resident physician. Evidently, Grant believed he was flirting when introducing himself, so he isn't allowed to call her Ellie."

"Ellie is mated?" Vivi asked incredulously. They had spoken to each other that very morning and she hadn't mentioned anything about having a mate.

Sulis nodded. "They met each other right after she arrived. It seems like the warriors are finding their mates all over the place, don't be surprised if you end up with one of my brothers," he winked at her.

At her side, Hal growled. "She won't be getting mated to anyone," he admonished.

Sulis cleared his throat and fought a smile. "Of course."

Vivi regarded him. "You say your brothers, but don't include yourself."

"As much as I would love to have a stunning woman like you as my mate, but your aura doesn't shine for me."


"That's how the fae can sense their mates."

"Vivian perhaps we should head to the city? The sooner we get there, the sooner we can return," Hal reminded her.

Sulis shook his head ruefully. "My apologies for the delay, please step through the portal, I will follow and close it behind us."

Vivi slung her backpack over one shoulder and allowed Hal to walk through first. Seconds later, she stepped through and was immediately overwhelmed by the sun and heat. Hal was at her side in a moment. "Bear with it for a bit longer, the city isn't far."

"Is she well?" Sulis asked as he closed the portal.

Hal scowled at the fae. "She is sensitive to the sun, even if it is setting."

Vivi had always hated all the special provisions she had to make in life due to her body's reaction to the sun. Luckily, she could work whatever hours she wished in her own lab.

"Then by all means let us not waste a moment more. Follow me." He took them to the edge of the cliff and held out a hand to her. She shook her head and jerked her thumb to her squire. "If you could help him, I can make it down on my own."

Sulis offered a forearm to Hal, who looked as if he would rather be doing anything other than being escorted by the fae. They floated down to a small ledge. Sulis was about to step forward when the archway began to glow, and the large door swung open by itself.

Sulis' mouth dropped. "It isn't supposed to do that."

"Oh well, I'm heading in." Vivi couldn't wait to get out of the heat. Once inside she was able to relax. The cool air of the stone city washed over her. "Much better." She smiled up at her squire. He only grunted as a response.

"Dr. Mercy, I was told to bring you directly to Level One..." Sulis began.

Hal stepped between them. "And why is that? She is here to help Dr. Kimball not placate the prince."

Sulis shook his head. "The prince is in his family's vault at the moment. He let Dr.s Kimball and Albright take over the meeting rooms on Level One for as long as they need."

Vivi tried to peek around her squire. "He did? Why is he in his vault?"

Sulis grinned openly. "He promised the Unit Commander's mate a reward for all she did in modernizing the city. They have been down there all afternoon. They should be returning to his quarters soon though. Last I heard she had picked out a few things. She has him completely wrapped around her finger."

Hal sucked air through his teeth. "Like that is it?"

Sulis straightened, and his face turned frosty. "I would appreciate it if you kept your disparaging remarks about my Unit Commander's mate to yourself. She would never, ever betray the McKenzie, nor would the prince participate in such a disgraceful act."

Vivi stepped past Hal. "He meant no disrespect, but that's usually how it's meant in the human world, unless you are talking about a child."

Sulis inclined his head. "Meryn isn't a child, but, well you have to meet her to understand. There isn't much any warrior wouldn't do to keep her safe."

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