My Father's Best Friend(57)

By: Fiona Davenport

“Fuck, sweetheart. You make me lose control every single time.”

He unbuckled his belt, undid the button on his suit pants and slid the zipper down. They slid partially down his thighs, exposing his cock since he’d apparently gone commando today. Then his cock was at my entrance. There was no preamble, no warm-up. I was already drenched, and he slammed into me. I cried out, leaning against the vanity to let him go deeper. Our eyes were locked on the image of us in the mirror as I ground back against him while he rode me hard. We were both out of control, my pussy swallowing his thick cock over and over. He watched the heated flush spread over my skin, my eyes going wide as my mouth formed his name in a startled gasp.

“So fucking beautiful when you come.”

Only then did he allow his orgasm to take him, after he’d watched me reach my own climax. He hammered into me several more times, each stroke harder than the last. My fingers clenched against the vanity as I pushed back against him, meeting each thrust until he buried his face in my neck and held still, his cock jerking inside me.

“I love you so fucking much, sweetheart.”

“And I love you more than anything.”


Today was the culmination of the dream I’d had for so many years, and we’d barely made it here in time for me to take the stage before the ceremony began. I wasn’t just graduating with my PhD, I was the valedictorian of my class. Stepping up to the podium, I placed the notecards with my speech in front of me and took a deep breath.

“When I started as a student here, as a freshman working on her undergraduate degree, I’d hoped to honor my parent’s memory.”

As I stared out at the audience, my gaze landed on my sister and my heart swelled with happiness. For too long, it had been her and I alone, united against the world after the deaths of our parents. Now she had Brysen, right by her side today just as he always was. They were surrounded by my three nephews—Gregory sat next to Elisa, who had baby Gavin on her lap, while three-year-old Garreth sat next to his daddy. Gabe and I liked to tease them about their name choices, accusing them of taking all the best boy names starting with the letter G.

My sister’s reply had always been that I wouldn’t need them. When I’d found out I was pregnant with twin girls? Yeah, I told her she made it happen from all her trash talking. Luckily she hadn’t done the same to Brysen’s best friend Maddie, who sat on the other side of Garreth. She was joined by her husband Caleb and their two children. Nathan was perched on his mom’s knee and Rachel on her dad’s.

“I studied hard, taking more than a full course load in the hope that I would graduate early. I was in large part motivated by the need to recognize the sacrifices my sister had made on my behalf. I lived for my studies, wholly focused on my goal.”

I paused and my eyes locked on Gabe’s. He’d taken the end seat in the front row, daring anyone to tell him he had to move. He was determined that he would have the best seat in the house. One with enough space for the double-stroller which held our nine-month-old daughters, Lily and Lacey.

“My eyes were opened to the other possibilities life holds for us the day I walked into my American Lit class during my senior year and met my fate. We married the summer between undergrad and grad school and I had a new purpose. I planned to make him proud, honoring my new last name which I shared with him. Then life threw us a curve ball in the form of the beautiful daughters we had last summer. And today I stand before you knowing you really can have it all. The secret is to simply believe that you already do.”

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