My Father's Best Friend(9)

By: Fiona Davenport

“I’m going to want you to wear these again, just so I can see you in nothing but these hot-as-fuck boots.”

It was an incredibly sexy thought, but my lack of experience worried me. Made me nervous. “I don’t know what to do.”

“I know, baby girl, and I love it. But I do, and I’ll show you.”

His hands lifted from my legs and he took a step away from the bed. I watched, riveted by the sight of him unbuttoning his shirt. My gaze ate up all the muscles he revealed, but then dropped lower when he moved his hand to unzip his pants after he’d toed his shoes off. He allowed them to fall to the floor, joining his shirt in a quickly growing pile.

His hard-on pressed against the material of his black boxer-briefs, making me swallow hard. I could barely breathe when his thumbs eased both sides down and his thick length was bared. He was even bigger than he’d felt. I tried to swallow again, but my throat felt swollen and my mouth was dry. With a quick shuffle of his feet, his socks were off and he was crawling onto the mattress with me.

His eyes met mine, and they were filled with so much heat. But as he looked down at me, there was a softness in them as well.

“Lilah,” he breathed against my lips. “My baby girl.” He dipped his head lower, his mouth devouring mine. His hands plunged through my hair, tugging at it. All my worries slipped away when he moaned into my mouth, and I was wholly focused on making him do it again.

He made quick work of my skirt and sweater, tossing them to the floor until I was in nothing but my bra and panties. The masculine appreciation in his eyes made the quick trip I’d made to Victoria’s Secret to buy the pale-pink silk and lace set well worth it.

“So fucking gorgeous.” He slipped his hand underneath my back to unclasp my bra and pull it off my body. “Fuck. Your tits are amazing.”

He cupped them with his hands, kneading the flesh as he dipped his head to suck a pebbled nipple into his mouth. “And delicious,” he murmured when he switched sides.

My hips jerked up at the tug of his mouth against my flesh. I felt each suck deep in my core. “Ethan, please,” I whimpered.

“Does my baby girl need some relief before I feel her tight, virgin pussy around my cock?”

“Yes,” I hissed.

His fingertips drifted up my outer thighs until they reached my panties and tugged them down. Then they traveled back up the inside to spread me open. Head bent over me, his tongue flicked over my clit, and I exploded.

“Ethan!” I screamed, as waves of pleasure rushed through me. I’d never felt anything like it before.

“Give me another one, baby girl.” He slipped his fingers through my wetness, slowly sinking one inside me. I wanted to be embarrassed by how slick I was down there, but my mind was otherwise occupied. My pussy clenched against him, making it difficult for him to get very far. But when his tongue licked at my clit again, he made it past his knuckle while I fluttered around him. He twirled his finger around, stretching me, and my body splintered apart again when he tugged my clit into his mouth with a quick suck.

As I lay there gasping for air, Ethan rose up to his knees and positioned himself between my legs. I squeezed my eyes shut as his dick pushed its way into my tight opening.

“So wet for me,” he groaned, going slow until he filled me to the brim. I was frozen beneath him, tears leaking from the corners of my eyes at the pain of his invasion. “Give it a minute, baby girl. I promise it gets better.”

He held still, his dick deep inside me, for what felt like forever. And then the pain eased, leaving a slight discomfort behind, along with a feeling of fullness—and pleasure. So much pleasure that my eyes popped back open when he started to move again. Our gazes connected as he thrust in and out.

I braced my hands on his chest, my nails digging into his skin. His face was strained with the effort it was taking him to go slow, and I could tell how much it was costing him.

“You’re mine,” he rasped.

“Yours,” I agreed as he lost control, surging up and wrapping his arms around my back. He felt so good inside me as he rocked back and forth. Another orgasm was near. “I’m so close.”

His hands traveled back down, tightening on my hips as he quickened his thrusts. Reaching his fingers in between my legs, he rubbed at my clit, and my pussy started to clench around him as I began to climax. After a few more thrusts, I felt the heat of his come filling me. I melted into the mattress, completely sapped of energy. Ethan’s arms loosened as he rolled to the side and dropped down onto the mattress next to me.

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